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The OC bet is back! Tamra Judge is back to her old ways of being super shady. This time he’s after Teresa Giudice’s man!

The Real Housewives of Orange County The star did not miss the opportunity to go after Teresa Giudice’s husband, Louie Ruelas, on Twitter. Not surprising since Tamra seems like she can’t do anything but tear Teresa and Louie and anyone else she’s not a fan of right now.

This week, Tamra Judge made it clear that she thinks Louie is cut from the same cloth as Jennifer Pedranti’s man, Ryan Boyajian.

As Bravo fans know, on Wednesday’s episode of RHOC, Tamra called Ryan a “player” and let everyone know that she doesn’t have a very high opinion of him.

Tamra Judge erupts in argument with RHOC newcomer Jennifer Pedranti
Tamra Judge erupts in argument with RHOC newcomer Jennifer Pedranti

Tamra Judge claims that Ryan is an admitted cheater who has never been faithful in any relationship. She then said that she was worried about Jennifer, as everyone in Orange County knows. “He’s a fucking whore.”

To make matters worse, Tamra told the entire RHOC cast that Ryan said that he “I wanted to fuck” she and that he “He goes after married women.”

When it comes to Louie Rules, Tamra and her Two T’s in a pod Podcast co-host Teddi Mellencamp has made it clear that they believe Teresa Giudice’s husband is the “villain” from RHONJ.

Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp pose on the red carpet at the awards show;  Teresa Giudice and RHONJ's Louie Ruelas get together for a romantic photo
Bravolebs Tamra Judge, Teddi Mellencamp, Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas // Shutterstock; instagram

Tamra has also feigned false concern for Teresa’s marriage to Louie, just as she has for Jennifer’s relationship with Ryan.

“I worry about her. I am afraid of what her future with him will be like ”. Tamra opened up about Teresa’s marriage to Louie on a June episode of her and Teddi’s podcast.

Now, Tamra is comparing Louie and Ryan on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Tamra retweeted a photo of Ryan and Louie and added the comment: “Brother from another mother #twins”.

Of course, the fans did not feel the unnecessary and unnecessary shadow of Tamra.

Fans named Tamra “obsessed” and he said he needed “Get a Hobby” instead of being so hell-bent on going after Teresa and Louie.

“Just admit that you’re obsessed with Louis and Teresa and save yourself some time.” one fan joked.

A second fan added: “Why are you so obsessed with trash talking about Louie and Tre? I’m sure when you both meet in person you’ll be on top of them.”

“Put that jealousy in…it’s showing again” another fan commented.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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