Tata Punch and Hyundai Venue in a comparison video


Tata Motors recently launched its brand new Punch micro SUV on the market. It is currently the most affordable SUV in the Tata range, the car has already begun to reach dealerships and deliveries have also begun. We have already started watching Tata Punch editing videos online and here we have a comparison video where the made variant of Tata Punch and the S variant of Venue are compared with each other. Both of these SUVs are positioned one below the high-end variant.

The video was shared by MotorZone on their YouTube channel. The video begins with the vlogger comparing the exterior design and features of both SUVs. The Hyundai Venue is a compact SUV under 4 meters, while the Tata Punch is positioned one segment below. In terms of size, the Hyundai Venue is longer and wider than the Tata Punch.

Vlogger mentioned in the video that he personally liked the Tata Punch design as it looked much beefier than Venue. Hyundai Venue offers projector projectors while Tata Punch only gets halogen bulbs. Both SUVs offer fog lights and LED daytime running lights. None of the SUVs have an alloy wheel with this trim. Hyundai Venue gets the silver wheel covers while Tata Punch gets a black finish wheel cover that looks like an alloy wheel.

Tata offers keyless access in the completed trim while Hyundai Venue doesn’t get it. Upon entering, Tata Punch offers features such as start / stop button, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, manually height-adjustable driver’s seat, automatic climate control, analog instrument cluster with MID, floating-type touchscreen infotainment system, fabric seats and so on . Tata also offers the automatic start stop function with Punch.

Hyundai Venue also offers a decent amount of features in the S variant. The SUV offers a touchscreen infotainment system, multifunction steering wheel, automatic climate control and so on. It lacks features like the start / stop button, cruise control, and 90-degree opening doors. Hyundai Venue offers a rear air intake that is lacking in Tata Punch. Tata offers a punch puncture repair kit that is not offered with any other car in the segment.

Tata Motors offers customization packages with every punch variant. These packs include Tata’s original accessories that allow the owner to opt for features otherwise available in superior variants. Hyundai does not offer such customization options to its customers. Hyundai Venue is offered with three engines. There is a 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine that is seen in the video. This engine is offered as standard with a manual gearbox.

Hyundai also offers a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine that is offered with a 7-speed manual DCT and an iMT gearbox. The third engine on offer is a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine offered with a manual gearbox. Tata Punch is instead powered by a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter, three-cylinder petrol engine. This engine is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox and AMT gearbox. In the video you can hear the vlogger say that he prefers Hyundai’s petrol engine to Punch as it is more refined.


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