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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner they meet again (professionally) and it feels so good. On July 7, Lautner did a backflip onstage to wow fans at the Kansas City, MO stop along the Eras Tour. The duo’s reunion came as Swift debuted the new music video for “I Can See You,” which stars Lautner, Joey King, and Presley Cash. King and Cash, who appeared in the music video for “Mean” in 2011, also joined Swift and Lautner onstage.

In her Lautner introduction, Swift acknowledged how much her ex was there for her when she wrote the songs for “Speak Now.” As reported by Variety, she told the crowd: “He was such a positive force in my life when I was making the ‘Speak Now’ album, and I mean he pulled every trick you saw in that music video. Him and his wife have become some of my closest friends, and it’s very convenient because we all share the same name.”

Lautner, his wife, Taylor Dome, and Swift also had fun with their first name together. Both Swift and Lautner shared a photo of themselves and Dome recreating the famous Spider-Man meme with three Spider-Men all pointing at each other in confusion on the set of the music video. The “Twilight” actor captioned his post, “Secrets! Tonight was wild.”

During their time on stage, Lautner gave Swift a sweet hello, letting the world know how happy he is that they’re still friends long after their breakup. “I respect you a lot,” she told her ex. “Not just because of the singer that you are, the songwriter, the performer, but because of how human you are. You’re kind, humble, kind, and I’m honored to meet you.”

Swift released “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” at midnight on July 7. As many Swifties know, the album features the song “Back to December,” which was inspired by her split from Lautner, whom she met in 2009 on the set of the movie “Valentine’s Day.” Unlike other breakup-inspired songs of hers, think “Dear John,” “Back to December” is actually a song about regret saying goodbye to her old flame.

Check out the gallery below for photos of Lautner and Swift meeting, as well as the recreation of the three Taylors’ Spider-Man meme.

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