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Taylor Swift fans had reason to rejoice Friday when the international superstar released her highly anticipated album. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) – complete with six previously unreleased songs.

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) it is the third of six albums Swift will re-record after a dispute with music mogul Scooter Braun and his former record label. The dispute arose in 2019 after it was revealed that Swift, 33, did not own the master recordings of her older albums.

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“This is my worst case scenario”: Taylor Swift posts scathing note about Scooter Braun buying her old label

He Taylor’s version albums already have a special status for dedicated Swifties around the world, and Speak Now is of paramount importance because the 2010 album was the first on which Swift is the sole credited writer.

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Physical copies of the new album. It came with a long letter from Swift discussing where she was in her life when she wrote Speak Nowbetween 18 and 20 years old.

While creating the album, Swift wrote that she was “haunted by the doubt that was swirling noisily around my rise and my merits as an artist.”

That insecure artist feels a far cry from the superstar who is expected to gross a whopping $1.4 billion over the 102 shows of her current Eras Tour.

In a social media post celebrating the launch of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)Swift said the album belongs to her and her fans.

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“I wrote alone about the whims, fantasies, heartbreaks, dramas and tragedies I experienced as a young woman between the ages of 18 and 20,” Swift wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. “I remember doing set list after set list, obsessed with the right way to tell the story. I had to be ruthless with my choices, and I left behind some songs that I’m still unfailingly proud of now. Thus, you have 6 tracks from From The Vault!”

These six new tracks: Electric touch (with Fall Out Boy) When Emma falls in love, I can see you, castles crumble (with Hayley Williams) silly and Eternal – sit in the middle of the album’s 16 original songs.

Swift continued, writing that she was filled with appreciation “for life, for you, for the fact that I can get my job back.”

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The singer’s loyal fan base has already stormed social media to praise Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

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Fans have been especially amused by Taylor’s version of the song. Dear John, a track widely rumored to be about a breakup between Swift and singer John Mayer. At the time of their alleged short-term relationship, Swift would have been 19 while Mayer was 32.

In June, before acting Dear John live at a concert, Swift appeared to tell fans not to bully Mayer ahead of the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) release.

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“I’m 33 years old. I don’t care about anything that happened to me when I was 19,” Swift said. “I’m not putting this album out so you can go and feel the need to defend myself on the internet against someone you think might to have written a song about 14 billion years ago.”

Naturally, many of Swift’s fans have bullied Mayer anyway.

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Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is already number one on iTunes in over 125 countries. In just eight hours, the album reportedly broke the record for reaching number one in the most countries in iTunes history.

Hopefully the undeniable popularity of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) It may even inspire the singer to schedule a Canadian Eras Tour date for her eager fans. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is apparently a Swiftie: he tweeted to the singer on Wednesday asking Swift to come to Canada.

“It’s me, hello. I know places in Canada would love to have you. So don’t make it another mean summer. We look forward to seeing you soon,” Trudeau wrote.

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