TDF’s retired F1 racing cars are now available to US track enthusiasts


Forget the Aston Martin Valkyrie Other Mercedes-Benz AMG One. If you want the true Formula One experience in a car you can own, Tour-De-Force has the perfect offer.

The UK-based engine and engineering company last year started offering what can best be described as the ultimate track car. That’s because the company’s TDF One is a true F1 racing car and each one on offer has seen some action. The cars are ex Marussia from the 2011 season or Sauber from the 2012 season.

TDF is now ready to enter the United States and has partnered with O’Gara Motorsport to make it happen. TDF has signed O’Gara as the official distributor for TDF One in the United States and has already delivered the customer’s first example. The delivery was recently at O’Gara’s facility at The Thermal Club, just outside Palm Springs, California. The car was then shown to the public for the first time on Thursday at the Velocity Invitational, currently underway in Laguna Seca.

Any TDF One buyer will be able to collaborate with O’Gara in customizing the car, including the livery. O’Gara also wants to provide driver training and host exclusive events.

As mentioned, the TDF One is an original F1 racing car, although each is modified. For example, the original V-8 engines are being replaced by less demanding in-line-4 turbochargers that do not need to be preheated and can start at the push of a button. TDF offers powers ranging from 450 to 600 hp, with the rev limit limited to 8,500 rpm, unfortunately.

TDF has years of experience driving historic F1 cars for individuals, and it is with this experience that the company has redesigned many of the fragile parts and operating systems typical of F1 cars to make them more robust and, consequently, reduce the need for maintenance or ground assistance.

However, many elements have remained unchanged. One in particular is aerodynamics, which should help provide handling like few other track cars can.

The price was not mentioned, although previous reports have indicated the starting price in the UK at 1.5 million British pounds (around $ 2 million).


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