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Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Reportedly Want Their Own Spinoff Shows Amid RHONJ Feud, Plus Infamous Teresa Shades

After the very volatile season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jerseyreality TV insiders claim veteran stars and estranged family members Teresa Giudice and Melissa gorge each wants their own spinoff shows.

Amid reports that RHONJ has been put “on hiatus” due to “casting conflicts” including reports of Teresa and Melissa refusing to film each other, both women have stated that they wish to continue the franchise.

However, good! The magazine reports that a source alleges, “Teresa wants to leave if Melissa stays.” They added: “The producers have halted production on Season 14 and do not know when they will start filming due to casting conflicts, including (between) Teresa and Melissa.”

“The level of, I won’t even say vitriol, I’ll say hate (that) Teresa and Melissa (have), is, I mean, the gloves are off, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Andy Cohen previously about Teresa and Melissa’s animosity towards each other, specifically after RHONJ‘s season 13 three-part reunion.

“People say Teresa has always thought she should have a spin-off,” the source continued. They said Teresa would “love” her Bravo cameras to “follow” her and document her new life with her husband for nearly a year. Luis wheelsand his blended family.

A separate source mentioned to the outlet that Melissa is in the running for a show of her own.

“She’s not having fun anymore (in RHONJ)”, alleged the source of the On display with Melissa Gorga podcaster “She has given it her all for years and feels like she can do it alone with her family and get by on her own.”

Despite the rumours, Teresa’s representative has denied that deals for a solo show have been signed. Melissa has not commented on the rumors.

While Teresa may not have a Bravo show all to herself, she has been keeping busy with her new YouTube cooking show, Cook with love by Teresa Giudice.

During a June 14 episode, which also featured the eldest daughter gia, Teresa took a not-so-subtle jab at Melissa in reference to her infamous decade-long “cookie sprinkle” debacle, in which Melissa brought store-bought cookies to Teresa’s Christmas Eve dinner during the show’s third season. This angered Teresa at the time, leading her to throw Melissa’s cookies in the trash.

Bravo cameras caught it all: RHONJ The fans know exactly what we’re talking about.

Fast forward to 2023. While making the “Italian” sprinkle cookies, Teresa joked, “This is my version of the sprinkle cookies. This is the Italian version. Don’t they look delicious?” She followed up with a smile, adding, “Not those store-bought ones, I’ll never make those…not in our home.”

RHONJ fans were quick to jump into the comments section of Teresa’s YouTube channel and express their unfiltered opinions.

“Typical Tre. She can’t resist taking a dig at Melissa how many years later? wrote one fan, calling the video “so awkward.”

Another chimed in and praised Teresa’s culinary talents, but they also felt there was no need for her to overshadow Melissa. They wrote: “Teresa almost had me there until she made that pass to Melissa at the end…just keep this channel positive because you have an undeniable gift for the kitchen.”

A third fan called out Teresa for her hypocrisy, as she previously said that all she wants is “peace” after her fallout and subsequent feud with Melissa and her brother. José gorge.

“Even though she wants ‘peace’ and to leave him alone and be done with them like she said in the meeting, HERE IS DAGGER THROWER!!”

However, many viewers loved seeing Teresa in “her element” away from the reality TV cameras. They also enjoyed watching her interact with Gia.

“The way Gia looks at Tre…that woman adores her mom,” noted one fan.

“I think (Teresa) is more comfortable in the kitchen than anywhere else. She is so natural in these videos,” another surmised.

A fan thinks that Teresa needs her own cooking show on the network and comments: “love love love this channel ❤❤ You need a great network program! I love how you cheer up your girls ❤”

Watch the full episode below and judge for yourself.

Italian Sprinkle Cookies Recipe |  teresa guidice

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