“Terrorist attack” on Iraqi Prime Minister’s house involved 3 drones – Ministry of the Interior – RT World News


The alleged assassination attempt on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi involved three drones, the nation’s interior ministry said, branding the act a “terrorist attack.”

Two of the drones that targeted Al-Kadhimi’s residence in Baghdad’s Green Zone were shot down and one reached the house, the ministry said. Some members of his escort were injured, but the senior official remained unharmed.

Pictures of the damage caused by the drone have been made public.

The ministry will lead “A large survey” and use “All the resources and efforts to get the culprits”, Major General Saad Maan, who heads the media department, said the Iraqi press.

The attack came in the wake of mass protests in Baghdad over the outcome of last month’s parliamentary elections. Pro-Iranian Shiite parties who saw their representation significantly reduced said the vote was rigged. The demonstrations were mired in violence, with demonstrators clashing with security forces, causing many injuries on both sides and presumably leaving several demonstrators dead.

The prime minister made a brief televised appearance after the attack on his home, praising the security forces for “Working to stabilize Iraq” and stating that “Cowardly missiles and drones do not build nations.”

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“Act of terrorism”: the United States offers to assist the investigation into the alleged assassination attempt of the Iraqi prime minister

Some of its critics suspect that the incident was a false flag intended to distract public attention from the crackdown on protesters. A senior Iranian official claimed the attack could be traced back to “Foreign Thoughts” trying to destabilize Iraq.

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