Tesla delivered new cars with missing USB ports: report


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There is a chip shortage, you may have heard, that affects every automaker but Tesla a a little less than the others. However, Tesla is also interested, now reportedly by supplying new Tesla that lack some USB ports.

This was first seen from Electrek last week, who reported that customers who got cars with missing doors have been told different things from their contacts at Tesla, or nothing at all. And while some customers have been told this is due to the shortage of parts, don’t actually get any official word on the matter from Tesla, because Tesla doesn’t have a public relations department and stopped communicating with the press months ago. It seems that poor communication isn’t limited to the media, though.

Most affected cars appear to be missing USB-C ports along the center console’s rear wall, though at least one claims that rear-seat USB ports are missing. For new owners with missing center console USB ports, wireless charging also appears to be inactive.

Reports of missing USB ports appear to have started with cars delivered on November 11th. Other owners with recent deliveries have stepped in to say they have USB ports. The last confirmed USB Model Y we can find was delivered on November 6th.


While some owners received notice from their delivery specialist, other owners were taken by surprise when they received the car at home and noticed that their USB ports don’t exist or their wireless charging isn’t working. Only after a call with Tesla service or after consulting Tesla forums on the Internet, or reading this article, they discovered the pattern of the missing USB ports.

Electrek has posted screenshots showing two Model Y Performance buyers who have claimed they do not have any USB ports on their cars, or have been told so too, with one of them also claiming that they have been told the ports can be installed later as the parts become available. It sounds bad because the Model Y Performance starts at $ 63,990, but Tesla is far from the only automaker these days to ship cars with no features because parts are missing. And while the missing ports might be a small issue, I bet it’s not if you’re the one who doesn’t have the ports, used as we are these days to charging your phone in the car.

More generally, I hope all of this leads engineers to really think about it the next time they want to put every bell and whistle in a new car. Let’s hope it’s still their decision.


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