Tesla Semi’s big data rival coming in 2024


The Chinese automaker’s commercial vehicle division recently unveiled a potential rival to Tesla Semi that will start production in 2024.

The Farizon Auto Homtruck concept features a production semi-trailer capable of accommodating battery-electric and extended-range powertrains, according to a Farizon Auto press release.

Farizon did not discuss the technical specifications, instead focusing on the Homtruck’s equipment and data collection capabilities.

Farizon Auto Homtruck

Farizon Auto Homtruck

The truck will be able to interface with logistics companies’ computer networks, allowing for more accurate tracking of deliveries and operating costs, according to Farizon. An onboard “brain” will be able to use the truck’s sensors and real-time traffic data to generate route recommendations, including routes that take charging needs into account, the automaker says.

The Homtruck will also have driver assistance technology corresponding to level 4 on the SAE range scale, according to Farizon. This will presumably allow for hands-free driving in some situations, as well as a “convoy” function that allows multiple trucks to coordinate their movements. A camera aimed at the driver will check for distraction, Farizon said.

Standard lidar, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar, along with 5G and V2X communications hardware, will make these capabilities possible, Farizon confirmed. Homtruck will also be able to receive software updates over the air.

Farizon Auto Homtruck

Farizon Auto Homtruck

To keep drivers comfortable on long journeys, the Homtruck is equipped with a bathroom (with shower), single bed, tea kettle, fridge, washing machine and kitchen, which appears to be accessible only from outside the cabin. A-grade camera system that can be used on the go or stationary, Farizon said.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Semi has been delayed several times, Presumably due to battery availability. The production and availability of 4680 format cells, intended for use in the semi-trailer, may allow some deliveries as soon as the end of the year, the company said.

It is unclear whether Farizon Auto will attempt to enter the US market, but there is one growing list of electric semi-trailers by traditional truckers in the works. This could present some awkward moments with Volvo, as while Volvo Cars is part of Geely, Volvo Trucks is a different company and has continued working on large electric trucks.


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