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Texts unearthed between Mark Meadows and a key Trump ally eager to take over the voting machines

When Donald Trump lost the election to now-President Joe Biden, both popularly and through the Electoral College, the former president and several of his closest allies, advisers and lawyers had their sights set on seven battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia and Snowfall. , Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Trump insisted his losses there were due to widespread voter fraud. As the committee’s January 6 investigation and a subsequent mountain of court documents from Trump advisers such as overruled architect John Eastman have shown, there was no large-scale voter fraud, but that didn’t stop the Trump White House from trying to suggest otherwise. .

Getting bogus and unauthorized pro-Trump voters into Congress was instrumental in getting the recall scheme off the ground.

When Waldron lamented the court loss in Arizona to Meadows on Dec. 12. On January 23, Trump’s then chief of staff commissioned.

“Pathetic,” Meadows wrote.

Waldron has publicly said he “contributed” to the 40-page proposal to seize voting machines titled “Voter Fraud, Foreign Interference, and Options for January 6.” And he admitted to sharing the proposal with lawmakers in Congress before the attack on Capitol Hill.

He also hasn’t made much of a secret about his proximity to Trump insiders like Meadows. As noted by government watchdog American Oversight (which helped CNN obtain the new records released Monday), Waldron told reporters in 2021 that he spoke to Meadows at least eight to 10 times after the election. He also said that he also went to the White House for a visit.

Before the text message to Meadows on December 2. On February 23, Waldron had spent weeks asking Republican state lawmakers if he could show them “proof” of voter fraud. He also offered lawmakers the opportunity to let him analyze their results.

One of Waldron’s best-known “fraud” reviews was one he launched in County Antrim, Michigan. That assessment ended up being widely criticized and completely discredited.

But on Dec. On January 28, 2020, newly obtained text messages show that Waldron was undeterred by the loss in Arizona. There was data from several counties, he wrote to Meadows.

Waldron called the “irregularities” the Democrats’ “Southern robbery.”

Meadows responded to the December 1 question. 28 text: “OK”.

The former chief of staff’s responses may be succinct, but they also underscore something important: Meadows responded to Waldron, meaning he was aware of the push to overturn election results after the safe harbor deadline for Congress.

Waldron’s testimony has recently been demanded by a grand jury in Georgia examining Trump’s push to reverse election results there. Meadows has also been asked to testify in that state’s investigation.


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