The 3 best home inverter batteries you need to know


Electricity supply in India remains a problem, with interruptions ranging from 2 to 4 hours in metropolises to 8-10 hours or more in smaller cities. This makes daily life more challenging, requiring power backup installation.

While there are many solutions to address this problem, the most common is an inverter battery configuration. However, when looking to buy an inverter, the first thought that comes to mind is: ‘What is the best inverter battery?

The best inverter battery for the home

Inverter batteries are a great way to power your home appliances as these devices work by converting DC electricity into AC currents, which can be used for home electronics such as lights, fans, computers, and televisions.

Depending on your needs, whether you are looking for something powerful with a lot of storage capacity or something more portable with less weight, there are many different options out there. To help guide your decision, here are three best choices of best inverter battery for home.

Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah, High Recyclable Tubular Inverter Battery for Home, Office and Shops (Blue and White)

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RC 18000 150Ah tubular plate is the best inverter battery for home as it reduces maintenance and improves performance.

The device is highly efficient, ideal for heavy-duty applications with excellent overload tolerance, superior performance during frequent and prolonged power outages and minimal maintenance. In addition, the battery boasts an output voltage of 12V and a water level indicator on the tubular plates that displays six digits.

This model features an electrochemical cell structure with a storage volume of 12.4 liters (+/- 5%) that will reliably support you during any runtime challenge in low temperature or high humidity conditions thanks to the advanced technology of the titanium grid on the surface coating of the electrolytic plate (GPSX).

You can rely on this reliable generator power solution together – it’s all backed up power systems it should be.

ILTT 18048N 150Ah bright tubular battery

ILTT 18048N 150Ah bright tubular battery

Image source: Bright

This is the best polyurethane inverter battery for the home which has an antifreeze solution in it for longer life. This product is designed to last longer in the face of extreme heat.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, which are filled with acid and require special care during charging and maintenance, polyurethane batteries can be completely submerged in water without any danger to the occupants or damage from electrolyte release.

HydroSafe Tubular Batteries feature leak protection technology, convenient carrying handles and rubber gasket covers that securely seal key electrical connections, as well as O-ring sealed fittings for spill safety in any time during use.

Additionally, this model features a round terminal connection (the most common design), two wires coming out of the top of the battery which is 16 AWG, and an on / off lever on the top of the battery.

Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 220 Ah, recyclable tubular inverter battery for home, office and shops (blue and white), 12 volts

This is one of the best home inverter batteries you will find on the market. The sturdy build is sturdy and the battery is equipped with water level indicators to ensure it is never overcharged or damaged by running out of liquid, meaning this is a fantastic investment to protect your home.

Not only does its unique design make it an energy efficient product, but thanks to the included instruction manual, you can also enjoy easy installation. So, take it home and take advantage of the 60-month warranty on manufacturing defects.

Finding the best inverter battery for your home

Inverters are there for everything from camping to power supply for power tools, installation lights, pumps and even high-tech appliances.

The best inverter battery for the home comes in a variety of sizes and functions. However, choosing one of the many options in the best inverter battery for home is not an easy task as there are many factors to keep in mind.

If you need help choosing the best home inverter inverter battery that meets your specific needs, you can turn to qualified professionals or leading suppliers such as Luminous.

They can help guide you through the purchase process, provide you with a wide range of products to choose from, and ensure a safe installation. So, don’t wait any longer, start your search and buy the best inverter battery for home today!


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