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The actress who played Dora Mae in ‘Dallas’ was 77 years old

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Pat Colbert, who played the role of Dora Mae in the series. dallashas died. She was 77 years old.

According to multiple reports, Colbert died on June 23 at his home in Compton. Colbert had suffered three strokes over the past decade.

Colbert’s first television appearance was in 1979. Eishiled, playing a model in the series starring Joe Don Baker. The actress would soon co-star in Flamingo Road, sharing credits with John Beck, Woody Brown, Peter Donat, Howard Duff, Morgan Fairchild, Barbara Rush and many more.

Throughout the 1980s, Colbert made appearances on shows such as benson (1982), The scapegoat (1982), Landing knots (1983), etc. A death in California (1985).

Colbert also starred in the CBS series. Capitol, a soap opera about politics in DC, playing a character named Cora Mullens.

She first appeared in dallas Season 7 in 1983, playing Dora Mae, the hostess and manager of the Oil Baron’s Club. Colbert remained on the soap until its final season in 1991.

Year dallas ended, appeared in episodes of sisters (1991) and True colors (1991).

On film, Colbert played The Nurse in 1981. SOB and a prostitute in the 1982 film. Hysterically.

Colbert starred alongside Bill Cosby in the 1987 spy spoof film. Leonardo Part 6playing the role of Allison Parker, the wife of Cosby’s character.

The actress would go on to have credits in films such as Thom and Dusty Go to Mexico: The Lost Treasure (2014) and If it were not for his grace (2015).

Colbert’s funeral is scheduled for July 20.

THR He was the first to break the news.


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