The appeal to the FBI to investigate Paul Gosar for threatening the president is growing


While attention has rightly focused on Rep Gosar’s threat against the AOC, Rep Colin Allred suggested that Gosar should also be investigated for threatening President Biden.


I think when you do threats against the president of in the United States, it should be examined. We are in a period in which I was on the floor of the house when those people try to get in so that it could kill the speaker of the Chamber and Deputy P.resident. That’s what happened that day.

And if they were successful, they would try to kill me and many of my colleagues. So we have to pull it back from the precipice of politics violence enters ours blood flow and become a new one normal for us because this happens all over the world where the parties have not only elections but go to war with each other. It can’t happen here. We don’t even want to have any kind of an idea here’s where we are going. So all that needs to be done for have consequences. I think the Republican caucus they should do it by themselves, Honestly. I don’t think they should ask the Democrat for us side that comes to say that this is not OK.

Rep Allred is right. It shouldn’t be for the Democrats to clean up the Republican caucus because Kevin McCarthy refuses to do anything that could cost him a chance to become the next Speaker of the House.

Secret Service and the FBI should investigate Rep Gosar. The video he tweeted was no accident. An incumbent Congressman threatened a House colleague and the President of the United States.

If the rule of law is indeed back, the Gosar representative must be investigated.


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