The Arizona School Board DOSSIER on Parents includes LEGAL documents, financial information, SPY CAM footage. “We are TERRIFIED” – The Right Scoop


About 650 parents are calling for the resignation of Scottsdale school board president Jann-Michael Greenburg after the discovery of his retaliation campaign and plans for parents to question him in any way. Denies involvement in the Enemy List dossier, which includes private, financial and legal information, spy camera footage, and photos of their children not taken by their parents.

“All parents in our district or you know hundreds and we are terrified that this person has access to our information,” said district mom Amanda Wray. “The photos of my eight and ten year old daughters were found in Jan Miko Greenberg’s dossier”.

Fox News reports this weekend about the frightening but significant situation that, if the Virginia Democrats had their way, would have reproduced across the country.

The president, or perhaps his father, appears to have kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings: a complete dossier of social security numbers, background checks, divorce papers, mortgage documents. , commercial certifications and screenshots of Facebook posts.

“I would call this retaliation,” Amy Carney, a mother of six and a candidate for the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) board of directors, told Fox News on Thursday. He said that “the list of parents targeted in the unit appears to be anyone who has spoken out against our district publicly or online.”

Check out this clip from Rumble of a parent talking to Fox about it:

Covid Tyrants will be BIG fans of this guy:

The dossier includes 18 folders marked CAN-Network, a reference to the Community Advocacy Network, a group of parents that formed last year in favor of in-person learning and against the mandates of masks. He refers to the parents as “crazy”.

The dossier also includes videos showing a man photographing parents and children in the hours leading up to a school board meeting. “Somewhere around here we have a private investigator jotting down all of their dishes,” says the man in the video. “They don’t know it’s me … I’ve covered my license plate.”

This is what everyone thinks and wishes to do. These are just the guys who acted on it.


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