The biased corporate media is intentionally giving bad news for Biden


When good business news comes out, the corporate media ignores it, but they pounce on any negative data they can find.

Eric Boehlert tweeted the difference between the media coverage of the job numbers versus their inflation hysterics:

Corporate media have responded to every bad news by justifying their partial coverage by running out and finding some Trump supporters pretending to be concerned and impartial Americans that will help them push more negativity.

It is a sounding board that strengthens itself to convey a message of anger and division.

Democrats cannot rely on corporate media to get their message out

Unlike Republicans, the Democratic Party refuses to support and invest in the media that its constituents read. Republicans make sure their media are supported and able to get the message across to them. Democrats complain that they have no media of their own, but ignore where they read the people who are likely to support them.

Democrats never learn. Corporate media have been bullied by Republicans for decades, so they’re terrified of not showing sympathy for the right. There are some exceptions like CNN’s MSNBC and Jim Acosta, but outlets that were once considered bastions of neutral journalism are more concerned with profit than facts, so they play on division and negativity.

Support the media telling you what corporate media will not do.

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The refusal of the media to cover positive news or because inflation is high. Inflation is a problem that goes beyond the supply chain. It is a complicated problem dating back to Trump’s profession was COVID and pent-up consumer demand, along with many other factors.

Corporate media uses their power to keep independent media down by providing partial coverage that helps Republicans.

Until the Democrats react against this dynamic, their message will not get out and President Biden will not get balanced coverage in the mainstream press.


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