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The BMW 3 Series E90 crashed in a head-on collision with McLaren Artura


A rather nasty accident occurred in Spain, particularly in the province of La Rioja in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, where a brand new McLaren Artura collided head-on with a BMW 3 Series Sedan of the E90 generation. Details of the circumstances are not available at the time of writing, but early reports say everyone got out of the cars safe and sound. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

The supercar’s “MTC” license plate could indicate that the vehicle is a prototype belonging to the manufacturer as the British brand uses those initials to refer to its McLaren Technology Center located in Woking. While both cars will likely live to see another day, we don’t even want to imagine the repair bill for McLaren. Repairing the 3er won’t be cheap either, but exotic cars are on another level when it comes to getting them back on the road.

The extent of the damage is unknown at this point, especially in the case of McLaren as high-end vehicles tend to ramp up the repair bill rather quickly due to their bespoke parts. Speaking of parts, availability is likely to be limited in the case of the Artura as the supercar was only unveiled several months ago.

It appears that the accident occurred after a left turn made by McLaren, which by the way was built with a right-hand drive specification. Since we don’t have all the details for the moment, it would be too premature to assume that the fault lies with the pilot Artura. Whatever happened, it sure seems like a costly mistake.

The subsequent shots are not of the highest quality and therefore we cannot understand if the airbags have activated at the moment of impact. The McLaren ones appear to be okay, but the BMW’s front passenger airbag appears to have been activated during the crash.

[Source: Michel Bisag / YouTube]


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