The Cariboo Regional District publishes the results of the waste management plan consultation – News Block

In addition to the seven regional initiatives, nineteen rural communities were asked about proposals to establish rural curbside pickup services in their neighborhoods.

Nine communities were not in favor of the proposed curbside pickup service and it will not be included in future implementation plans. Communities include 93 Mile, Ranchettes-Horse Lake-Lone Butte, Pine Valley, Commodore Heights-168 Mile, Fox Mountain, Flett Subdivision, North Lake Side-Lexington, Esler, and River Park Road-Hilborn Road-Quesnel-Hixon Road.

Four areas were in favor of the service, including South Lakeside, Red Bluff, 103 Mile, and Dog Creek Road. Pending the approval of the updated Solid Waste Management Plan, these communities would be included in the plans to implement the service.

The remaining six areas had moderate support, ranging from 55% to 75% support for the new service. However, because the participation levels were 10% or less, further participation and consideration will be required and will take place during the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan. These communities include West Fraser Road, Rich Bar-Dragon Lake-Kersley, Bouchie Lake-Bouchie Creek-Pinnacles Park, Barlow Creek-Ten Mile Lake, 105 Mile, and Buffalo-Gateway.

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