The changes do not alter the essence of the Cadillac Ranch – Petersen Automotive Museum


There have been notable changes during the last visit Cadillac Ranch on a weekday in mid-June. The changes included a new access gate, a gravel-covered entrance area occupied that day by a food truck and a souvenir trailer. Positioned next to the row of classic caddies, each carefully planted in place in the Texas Panhandle farm field since the mid-1970s, were trash cans, presumably positioned so that people who had emptied cans of spray paint would not they would simply throw them on the ground.

And not only were the cars decorated with paint, but much of the ground behind them as well.

Later, I discovered that while there are still no road signs along I-40 that alter vehicles for the ranch’s location, the ranch has its own. Facebook page, launched in April 2019. The other changes were introduced more recently.

Since my visit, I’ve had a conversation with Bryan Brumley, the general manager of the ranch, which is owned by a trust and is positioned on a family-owned farm. He explained that there was a need for better access to cars for people with disabilities rather than forcing them to maneuver through the tight curves of a device designed to prevent livestock from wandering from the field on the I-40 service road.

He also recalled that in the days when Cadillac Ranch founder Stanley Marsh was alive (Brumley worked for the Marsh family on his Toad Hall estate and farm for several years), he was hosting politicians, both domestic and foreign, at the ranch and there. they were having trouble getting their vehicles on the property, especially after it rained (it’s a farm field, after all, and it gets muddy very quickly). Thus, a large gate and gravel covered parking lot were installed, which can be used for food trucks and for the ranch’s new souvenir truck and trailer.


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