ENTERTAINMENT The charges are suspected after breaking into two New...

The charges are suspected after breaking into two New York City residences owned by famed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.


A 35-year-old New Yorker is facing charges of breaking and entering and stalking after breaking into two New York City residences owned by the famous singer-songwriter. Taylor Swift .

Police say the suspect, who was arrested on July 1, broke into one of the residential buildings located in the Tribeca urban area on March 26. This is written by a Hollywood reporter.

On June 12, the same man broke into another apartment building owned by Swift, located on the same street, and “threatened a 32-year-old woman through the intercom,” said a representative from the Deputy Commissioner of Supervision’s office. Public. .

Swift, 32, has had run-ins with alleged stalkers in the past. In 2018, police reported that a man broke into her Tribeca townhouse and fell asleep there.

That same year, a Colorado man was arrested outside a Beverly Hills home owned by Swift. He was found with a knife, a rope and ammunition.

It was previously reported that singer Taylor Swift was secretly engaged to the actor. joe alwyn after a five year relationship.

It seems that Taylor Swift decided to follow the example of the strong and independent celebrities who finally said yes to their beloved.

Her boyfriend and part-time actor Joe Alvin proposed to her a few months ago, but they recently shared the news with their entourage.

“Basically, these are close relatives and very old true friends. Everyone was supposed to keep secrets. Again, only a few people know the details of the wedding, and Taylor hasn’t even told people on her team about the engagement.

They want their love to stay off camera for as long as possible. This is just for you. And when they exchange vows, there will definitely be no Vogue, Rolling Stone, or Hello! Everything will be simple and elegant, just like them,” the source shared.

That is why the bright ring on the singer’s finger was not noticed, since Swift wears it only in the most intimate moments of her life.

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