The Church must fight the “CRT”


Critical theory, particularly critical race theory, as practiced – if not taught – in our schools these days is the most corrosive, anti-American and non-Christian set of ideas I have ever seen put together.

To be completely honest, I haven’t read any literature other than the snippets found in the press. I have had numerous conversations with people at many levels in our educational institutions of various kinds about the training they have received in recent years in the area of ​​race. It is possible that what I am reacting to is a bastard son of CRT as drafted by academics, as well-crafted academic theory often turns into sloppy nonsense when it gets done in practice. But I don’t particularly care – practice matters, theory is only theory. I am concerned here with what is happening, not with what the literature says.

The most corrosive idea in this mess is the death of personal responsibility. I have no responsibility as to whether I am a racist or not, I am a racist by virtue of being white – I cannot choose not to be a racist. This is because racism is not about me, it’s about “the system”. It is that one concept that the church must rise up to fight.

Have you ever wondered why the Bible can tell, “Slaves, do you obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not with visual service, as pleasures to men, but with simplicity of heart, fearing the Lord?” The answer is because Christianity is all about personal responsibility, not the “system”. Simply put, Christianity strives to make good people knowing that good people gathered in community will create good systems, but corrupt people in any system will make the system corrupt.

The various critical theories were thus in direct opposition to some of the more fundamental truths of Christianity as they argue that the corruption is not of the individual, but of the system – they completely deny the concept of original sin in any of its understandings. Without that concept, all of Christian theology collapses into a heap of nonsense.

The Church is a disaster these days in the arena of public action. But it is time to put our actions together.


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