The city girls respond after the video shows Yung Miami appearing to abruptly leave the stage at the top of the riot


Over the weekend, the annual Revolt Summit took place in Atlanta, and many big names in the industry were in attendance dropping knowledge, as well as performing on stage with some of their hit singles. One of the artists was the City Girls.

The duo were spotted on stage wearing coordinating Chanel outfits while performing on some of their hit singles. However, there was a video of their performance that started making the rounds on social media which made some people wonder what might have happened at the time.

In the video, Yung Miami she can be seen giving props to the audience before the clip cuts to her putting the microphone on the DJ booth before exiting the stage. JT is seen following her.

Yung Miami has started responding to people on Twitter who have been talking about the moment.

One person said, “Don’t get offstage after mfs paid to see you girl.” Yung Miami replied, “Girl, the show was over! Why did you want me to stand there and smile? Fuck you!”

Another person talked about not sympathizing with her at the time, and she said “I never asked you to sympathize with me weird.”

JT also talked about the moment and said, “I wasn’t confused that Caresha was gone, I knew the show was over. I was confused as to how to end the show as it was a very short show, and we both walked to the separate ends of the stage to greet everyone, my side was just farther from the exit. “

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