The Clippers are turning to utter corruption in an effort to spark fan enthusiasm


Good work, good commitment, Steve Ballmer.

Good work, good commitment, Steve Ballmer.
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It took seven years, but Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has finally appealed to paying fans.

It’s hard to be the Clippers in Los Angeles. They are not like the New York Mets or the Chicago White Sox, which are the second most popular baseball teams in their respective cities. The Mets and White Sox have their own historical histories and hometown loyalty that have been nurtured over decades. The Clippers, however, got their start in Buffalo when the Braves moved across the country to San Diego in 1970 and renamed themselves the Clippers in 1978, then moved to Los Angeles in 1984 after the Magic Johnson ‘Showtime Lakers had already won two championships. The Clippers offered an alternative to that prestige by being the most embarrassing franchising in professional sports.

Ballmer has made a lot of effort to change that reputation since he bought the team in 2014, but while the franchise may now have more dignity, it’s still hard to get fans in the seats on time and involved – for anything in Los Angeles, but mostly. a Game of the hair clipper. So the team’s latest idea? Simply Buy loyalty of the fans.

For the entire month of November, people attending a home Clippers game have the opportunity to win $ 10,000. For fans to be eligible, they must scan their ticket 15 minutes before the tipoff, be in their assigned seat wearing the Clippers colors, and be thrilled from the moment the match begins. For those curious about what kind of enthusiasm the Clippers are looking for, just study baller video and do the same.

This isn’t just a promotion or a benefit for subscribers. Any fan in the arena who arrives early has a chance to win as long as they show the right Clipper spirit. The first LAB Challenge winner was Saturday night during the Clippers’ victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. The winner was revealed after the first quarter ended, a woman sitting in section 105. There are seven more home games this month and the next winner will be picked tonight as the Clippers take on the Chicago Bulls.

This is a great idea, but Ballmer should take it one step further. People know he’s a billion dollar Microsoft guy, so there should be more freebies to play with. It doesn’t have to be $ 10,000 and doesn’t have to be announced. On casual nights they should have a card under the seats. People in those lucky spots could win $ 1000. Instead of giving away bobbleheads and t-shirts, the first 400 people in the arena are given a new Microsoft tablet. You may not even have to pay for those.

The Clippers have no tradition, glamor or excellence on the market. Many of their fans cheer for them out of spite of the Lakers. They should just be shameless and build a solid fan base through fan corruption. They can involve sponsors in this. Many teams pay free food giveaways if the home team scores 100 points, or an opposing player misses consecutive free throws. The Clippers should do it to 90 points or a missed free throw. Free Jack in the Box meal for every home win, free fries from McDonald’s every time Paul George scores 20 points – no, I’m not trying to ruin the health of Clippers fans with fast food.

A new arena for the Clippers will be built in Inglewood. What better way to get fans to go out and pay for that parking than with this slogan:

Other teams may make you feel good with civic pride, but we the Clippers will give you what you really want, cash and prizes!


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