The collision at the end of the race decides the WEC GTE Pro championship


It seems straight out of a feature film that a champion is decided in the last 15 minutes after 58 hours of competition. However, a screenwriter would be thrown in the trash if he included it as an ending. The championship for the GTE Pro class of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship was decided by a collision. The collision looked like a short track driver dumped his rival for a win, except with the GT cars.

The drivers behind the wheel were Alessandro Pier Guidi of AF Corse and Michael Christensen of Porsche. The two drivers were nearing the conclusion of a long wheel-to-wheel race for class victory and the championship for their respective teams. With about 12 minutes to go, the pair were racing towards the last right corner of the Bahrain International Circuit.

Thus, a United Autosport ORECA LMP2 captured the two lower-class cars. Christensen appeared to have surrendered his Porsche for the LMP2 at the last moment as the three cars approached the braking zone. As all the drivers braked for the corner, Pier Guidi’s Ferrari hit the rear bumper of the Porsche, causing the car to spin into the breakaway zone.

Alessandro Pier Guidi was ordered by the race marshals to restore the lead position to the group. But Christensen returned to the pits when Pier Guidi slowed down to return the lead. Ferrari would have stopped on the next lap, would have rejoined the track in front of the Porsche and would never have returned to position. Pier Guidi would win the 8 Hours of Bahrain and the world championship for AF Corse, his teammate James Calado and himself.

Porsche would officially protest the race result, which was rejected. Christensen’s teammate Neel Jani would be the most outspoken about his anger over the AF Corsa win. Jani interrupted a television interview with the AF Corsa drivers to confront Pier Guidi. Jani walked away quickly with a closing statement of “Here’s my ass, man”. to Pier Guidi. I can’t wait to see this feud continue next season.


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