The Coming of the Nigeria Global Health Society


Debut of the Society for Global Health Nigeria. The aims and objectives of the Company are:

1. Bring preventive and curative health care to the jamb;

2. Promote health initiatives among health professionals;

3. To propagate and promote global health;

4. Promote hygiene and environmental hygiene among rural and urban communities, as well as during emergencies deriving from man-made and natural disasters;

5. Promote the prevention and control of emerging, re-emerging and neglected tropical diseases among communities;

6. Promote health care planning, management and administration through awareness building and advocacy;

7. Promote capacity building among medical and healthcare professionals;

8. Promote industrial peace and harmony in the health sector;

9. Coordinate and leverage volunteers in global health care;

10. Promote medical and health services in emergencies and disasters;

11. Promote accountability in global health governance and financing;

12. Promote training and retraining of global health workers in specialized areas in liaison with appropriate professional institutions / bodies;

13. Promote research and dissemination of research results in global health care;

14. Promote participation in workshops, symposia, seminars and conferences on global health; Other

15. Promote the adoption and integration of current medical and health technologies in global health.


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