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The creators of Black Tik Tok are on strike

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The creators of #BlackTikTokStrike require credit.

If you wonder why we have not seen a new viral dance, it is because the main people in charge of making them have put a temporary brake on their creations.

Black Tik Tok content creators are frustrated with the social media app using them to their liking and not giving them proper recognition. As a result, they all went on strike and are refusing to create new dances on the app until they are credited and properly compensated.

The #BlackTikTokStrike, which has been extended into its third week, is not asking users to leave the app, but rather its purpose is to share videos that say what they say is “preferential treatment” for white creators who receive millions of visits by performing dances that were appropriated by black creators.

Megan The Stallion’s new song, “Thot Sh * t”, is the first song to receive this treatment. On June 20, Black Tik Tok creator Erick Louis posted a video featuring Megan Thee Stallion’s new song. In the 15-second video, 21-year-old Louis pretends to be about to dance to the song as the words “DANCE TO THIS SONG” are displayed on the screen above his head. Instead of dancing, raise both middle fingers as the text on the screen changes to say, “SIKE. THIS APP WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT [BLACK] PEOPLE. “Louis’s video has been viewed more than 426,000 times since it was posted on Friday.

The strike began at the end of June and, as of Thursday morning, the hashtag has been viewed on TikTok over 3.6 million times.

What do you think of the #BlackTikTokStrike? Do you support black content creators who get credit for their choreography?


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