The dangerous reality of pregnancy in the US – News Block

Credit: MedPage Today

Preventable deaths are a major problem in the US healthcare system, and maternal mortality is a very concerning contributor. For example, four out of five pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Recently, a coroner’s report showed that Olympic medalist Tori Bowie tragically died from childbirth complications. Despite being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, the US has twice as many maternal deaths compared to other developed countries. This is the dangerous reality of being pregnant in the US.

When you look at the data by race, Blacks and American Indians/Alaska Natives are disproportionately affected in this crisis. As a second-year medical student considering a fellowship in OB/GYN, I am anxious about what lies ahead for my future patients. As healthcare professionals, we have a duty to advocate for policies that protect our patients. We can and must act now. One policy that has the potential to change this is to make the 12-month (…)

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