The Ducati Streetfighter family expands with two new models


Ducati continues his blitz of the new model of weeks adding two motorcycles to the Streetfighter formation. Called the V2 and V4 SP respectively, they close the range by offering enthusiasts an entry-level option and a top-of-the-range trim equipped with a host of racing parts.

We’ll start at the bottom – shown below, Streetfighter V2 is a more road-oriented alternative to the Panigale V2. Like its more powerful brothers, it loses the fairing that covers the engine, and is characterized by a strong design and sporty appearance. We are told that the V-shaped lighthouse is inspired by the Joker’s smile. Compared to the Panigale, which is closer to a racing bike, the Streetfighter gets a wider saddle with more padding, higher handlebars, and repositioned footpegs. These changes make everyday driving easier and more comfortable.

Power comes from a 955 cubic centimeter twin-cylinder engine that develops 153 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and 75 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm Both V2s share the same engine, but the Streetfighter features a shorter final ratio for increase the torque at low revs. Most of the braking system it also derives from the Panigale, although the brake the pads are less aggressive and more suitable for road use.

On the other end of the spectrum, the V4 SP gets a number of improvements made with track use in mind. It’s related to the V4 S, but weighs 432lbs in running condition (so with all fluids), which means it’s about seven pounds lighter. Shaving the weight off a high-performance motorcycle is easier said than done, but Ducati has succeeded by fitting carbon rims that are about three pounds lighter than the aluminum units on the V4 S, among other parts. Removing weight from the wheels also makes the V4 SP noticeably more agile, especially in fast corners.

The rest of the spec sheet reads like that of a high-end car, at least in terms of the materials and technologies used. There is an Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 system that adjusts the suspension damping force according to the rider’s input, adjustable footpegs made from CNC machined aluminum, a carbon fiber front fender and one lithium-ion battery. Brembo supplied the massive front brake caliper.

Shown in our gallery, the Streetfighter V4 SP is powered by a 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine tuned to deliver 208 horsepower and 90 foot-pounds of torque. These figures are on par with those published by the Streetfighter V4 S; weight and design are the main differentiating factors.

Ducati dealers in the US will begin receiving both new Streetfighter models in February 2022. The price for the V2 starts at $ 16,995, so it’s the most affordable member of the range, while the V4 SP costs $ 35,500, so it’s by far the most expensive of the bunch.


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