The Eternals post-credit scene leak reveals a huge surprise


eternal It hits theaters on Friday and is easily one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film will tell the story of the oldest group of heroes on Earth, ten gifted Eternals who watched from the shadows. Their mission was to ensure that the planet’s population could evolve and thrive, but they could not intervene. This explains why they didn’t join the Avengers to help them defeat Thanos and his armies. In other words, the Eternals are aliens who have lived among humans for 7,000 years and their history could redefine everything we know about the MCU. We know all this from the trailers and commercials that introduced the 10 Eternals. But also the losses revealed the whole eternal plot months ago, and the trailers almost confirmed those leaks were real.

Also, some people saw the first screenings this week. Unsurprisingly, they confirmed that the recent plot leaks were genuine. And in the process, an unexpected emerged eternal Easter egg from the post-credits scene that hasn’t leaked before. We warn you that massive spoilers follow below, so you should avoid what follows until you see the movie.

The eternal texture loss

The first eternal complete fall plot loss several months ago. We told you at the time that it came from a source that verified their identity to the Reddit mods that posted it. When the final eternal trailer arrived, we realized that the information was correct.

Even before the reviews started rolling in, we knew the whole story. We knew who the real villain was and we were aware of the twists and turns. We learned how it will turn out and what we will see in the post-credits scene. Once the first official eternal reactions decreased, we had another confirmation that the plot loss was accurate. A cameo in the post-credits scene turned out to be accurate. And that Easter egg confirmation indicated that the entire plot escape from March was accurate.

But it turns out there’s a surprising detail in that post-credits sequence of events that didn’t initially leak. Before I tell you what it is, I warn you again that big spoilers follow below. Kingo’s Bollywood dance and jokes (Kumail Nanjiani) should keep you entertained as you decide whether to move on with the spoilers below.

The synopsis of the plot

A person who has seen a first screening of eternal posted a detailed synopsis of the plot on Reddit. The person saw the film in Australia, with the popular mods Marvel Studio spoiler allowing them to share information.

The Redditor confirms the March leak, providing more contextual information on what’s going on in the film. The Eternals must “rally” to fight the massive new threat. This is the emergency that Ajak (Salma Hayek) mentions in the trailer. The Deviants reappear and appear to be the villains of the film.

But it turns out that the deviants are not the main villains. They are the Celestials against whom the Eternals will fight in the film. The group of heroes have just decided to help humans defeat the emerging threat that would otherwise consume the planet.

All life on Earth has fed a celestial egg within the planet. The Eternals have guarded the egg for millennia for years, allowing human civilization to evolve to feed the egg. Now that billions of souls have come back to life after the Avengers defeated Thanos (Josh Brolin), the emergency is almost complete.

While most Eternals want to help the human race defeat this massive threat, some of them still want to fulfill their mission. They are still loyal to the Celestials, which means the film offers a Civil war sort of story. Ikaris (Richard Madden) is truly an Eternals antagonist who will fight against his family. He kills Ajak (Salma Hayek) and Gilgamesh (Don Lee) in the process. But the Eternals eventually prevail, destroying the emerging Celestial.

Final Eternals Trailer
A heavenly in the final eternal trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

The post-credits cameo Easter egg

The film ends with a Celestial appearing in Earth’s orbit to capture the surviving Eternals who dared to defy his orders. But it is the post-credit scene that interests us at this point.

Redditor’s post-credit scene account matches the previous leak, with one small difference we’ve highlighted below.

The first scene after the credits is Harry Styles as Star Fox teleporting to the ship of the Eternal with his friend Pip the Troll who introduces him as Thanos’ brother. Star Fox is there to help them find more eternals, he has his own celestial sphere which he got somehow. The second scene after the credits is Dane facing an ancient box discussing whether he should open it and then touch the sword inside the box until a detached voice starts speaking to him. The voice sounded like Mahershala Ali like Blade. It says “The Eternals will return …” after the final scene after the credits.

We had no idea who the voice would be talking to Dane Whitman (Kit Harington). And now that we know it’s Mahershala Ali, we have no idea what to think of it. It is definitely an amazing Easter egg to have in eternal. All we know is that Lama is in the works, as Marvel announced the reboot from Comic-Con 2019.


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