The Eternals post-credits scenes may have solved a huge plot hole in Avengers


Now playing in theaters, eternal is the most ambitious film Marvel has released since Avengers: Endgame. The comparison, however, is not fair. We expect the Avengers movies to feature impressive casts, as the crossover event brings together many of the heroes we’ve seen in indie films prior to that. A better comparison is with films like Captain America civil war or the Guardians installments. But where eternal it differs is that it is also an origin story for no less than ten different superheroes.

We have already explained how eternal change everything in the MCU from now on. But the film isn’t perfect and has some problems, including a noticeable plot hole. It turns out that Marvel could have worked it out with post-credits scenes, but then they opted for another route. mind you, Huge spoilers will follow below if you haven’t seen it eternal.

Why weren’t the Eternals in any Avengers movie?

Marvel didn’t keep fans waiting until eternal release to answer our most pressing question. If these mighty superheroes have been on Earth for 7,000 years, why didn’t they help the Avengers beat Thanos? The final trailer for the film answered that question and we saw the same explanations in the film. The Eternals were not allowed to intervene throughout the history of mankind. Sure, they helped humans evolve, but they did it silently, without causing a stir.

The Eternals’ only mission has always been to kill Deviants who could plunder humans. This would ensure that the human race evolved to the point where the Celestials needed them. That’s why Ajak (Salma Hayek) & Co. have not interfered in the various wars the Avengers have fought over the past two decades. And that’s why they allowed Thanos (Josh Brolin) to destroy half of the living things in the universe. Interestingly, it is the Avengers’ ability to outsmart the Mad Titan that convinced the Eternals to step out of the shadows and prevent the Celestial from emerging within the planet. The arrival of Tiamut would wipe out the planet and all who lived on it except the Eternals.

But as the film progresses, you realize that Marvel is carrying this show forward in a bubble of sorts. The planet faces a more significant threat than Thanos, which slowly escalates over the course of a week. “Who will you call” when that happens? Apparently, not the Avengers.

Final Eternals Trailer
An eternal who creates a galaxy in eternal final trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

The Avengers are the big plot hole of eternal

The Avengers come out regularly throughout the film. The Eternals know who they are, because they have followed them closely. Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) also has a fantastic line where he says that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is not answering his calls now. But when Thor was little, he followed Kingo around.

Marvel uses these References to the Avengers in trailers and TV commercials to tell the public that eternal it is part of the same MCU. And it’s great to see the references in the film. These are the type of Easter eggs we have come to expect from the MCU. But none of the Avengers show up to check on these beings who have been hiding in plain sight during the three weeks we spend with the Eternals.

Mind you, the action in the film doesn’t happen over the course of a few hours. If so, you’d have a harder time getting involved if you’re the majority of the Avengers. Plus, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) can get anywhere on the planet in an instant. But the events in eternal raise a lot of red flags that the Avengers were supposed to investigate.

Marvel wanted to include the Avengers in the credits, but left the scene. In hindsight, that was a bad idea, and we’ll explain it.

Scene from Marvel’s new promotional video for Eternals. Image source: Marvel Studios

Ikaris as Superman

We talked about they brilliant superman paradox in the MCU since we saw a recent eternal brain teaser. At the beginning of the film, Ikaris (Richard Madden), Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) battle a Deviant in London. Soon after, Phastos’ baby (Brian Tyree Henry) tells his father that Ikaris is Superman. Saw him on TV shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Well, do you know who else must have seen Ikaris do it? Everyone else on the planet, including the Avengers.

Being a normal human being on Earth in the aftermath of End of the game it must be terrifying. Half of the dead have returned to life. And everyone has to do it. Accepting that powerful heroes exist on Earth and similar threats in outer space is also part of everyday life. wonder already told us in Shang-Chi that the Avengers still exist and control everything.

So when you see Superman firing laser beams at a massive threat, you need to get in touch. You don’t know what the Eternals know. And that Deviant was scary, but Ikaris is pretty scary too.

Final Eternals Trailer
The Eternals seated around the statue of a Celestial. Image source: Marvel Studios

The emergency

But suppose you ignore Ikaris or investigate the matter silently, not knowing how significant the threat is. A few days later, the emergency begins, at which point the Eternals fight each other before stopping him. This is the type of event the Avengers should track down and attempt to intervene.

Again, the Avengers have no idea how significant the Celestial Peril is. But they have the means to take action. Let’s not forget it eternal it happens about the same time as Away from home, according to Marvel. Officer MCU history it is essential here. At that time, the planet had Stark’s planetary defense system and Fury’s secret space station. You had eyes and ears on everything.

The real … Emergency Battle? … ends quickly, so the Avengers may not have been able to reunite. But Strange and Wong can make it happen. Still, Shang-Chi proves it.

Yet the film gives us no indication that the Avengers are aware of any of this. The situation is getting worse.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) holds a cup of coffee marked “For Fox Sake” in the No Way Home trailer. Image source: Sony and Marvel

The arrival of Arishem

Everyone on the planet knows Thanos. But normal people have never seen him fight the Avengers in endless war Other End of the game.

But when Arishem (David Kaye) appears in Earth’s orbit, all can see it. Separate the cloud so you can capture Sersi, Kingo and Phastos. He makes it clear that he knows what happened and that he will decide whether to let humanity live or die.

Now, this is where you need to cut up some of the Avengers assemblies. The cameos would work wonders for the fans, but so would the plot of the film. It would remind us that the Avengers exist, just like Shang-Chi. And I’m there to face the big red giant in the sky.

This is the kind of giant everyone will talk about. And if you pay attention to the Ten Rings, you are surely worried about a larger giant on your planet.

Arishem or not, two weeks have passed since the failed emergency and people still can’t explain it, as we see on the news. This tells us the epilogue. Yet we have no references to the Avengers here. Some of the surviving Eternals might have said something along the lines of the new Captain America’s call. Or, you know, the wizards of the Earth.

Also, that big red giant looks a lot like the inexplicable mountain in the Indian Ocean. They both have a similar face.

Final Eternals Trailer
Arishem, a Celestial in the Eternals final trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

The post-credit scene from The Avengers

As much as you want the Eternals to shine on their own, you can’t pretend the Avengers don’t exist for three consecutive weeks. Marvel could have fixed it all with a post-credits scene that would acknowledge that the Avengers were looking at the big red man in the sky, if not Ikaris or the emergency, trying to figure out what just happened.

Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo said the casing there were various concepts for the post-credits scenes, including the Avengers.

Marvel explored the idea of ​​showing the Eternals joining a new Avengers lineup. It already seems overkill, as it’s something that may need more than one credit scene.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) wears the new Captain America suit revealed in The hawk and the winter soldier the final. Image source: Marvel Studios

They also had more subtle ideas for Avengers cameos. Like having Doctor Strange rather than Blade (Mahershala Ali) talk to Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) in the post-credits scene. Or Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). It would have been the kind of subtle nod to tell the world that the Avengers have your back. They may not be able to defeat Arishem. But they are watching.

In that official MCU history, the events of The hawk and the winter soldier happen first eternal. So Sam would get the cloak by then.

Hopefully, future Marvel movies won’t have the same kind of plot hole. Instead, they should include Avengers hooks like Shang-Chi done. We can’t pretend that the Avengers don’t exist so as not to overshadow the new heroes. Because what makes us want to see these new heroes in action is the MCU’s greatest promise. These new characters aren’t playing superheroes in a bubble. I’m on Earth nach End of the game, emerging among the Avengers.


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