The federal judge once again reminds Trump that he is a losing former president


In her 39-page ruling released Tuesday, which was the second time he has denied Trump’s request, Chutkan wrote that as a former president, he has exactly zero power to overrule the actual president on matters of executive privilege (Joe Biden said on Two separate occasions in which the committee of January 6 was able to access the requested documents). “Presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not president,” Chutkan said, a line that no doubt hurt considering Trump clearly sees himself as the king of the world.

In related news, Wednesday, CNN reported that the select committee of the House has been interested in gathering information from five former members of the Mike Penceof the inner circle, including the former National Security Advisor Keith Kellogg, who what sued from the committee on Tuesday and was reportedly with Trump for much of the day on Jan.6. And apparently at least some of the former vice president’s advisers are more than willing to say:

Several sources tell CNN that some people close to Pence may be willing, voluntarily or under the pretext of a “friendly quote”, to provide critical information on how Trump and his allies have tried to pressure the former vice president to reverse the findings. of the 2020 election. According to sources familiar with the discussions, some of Pence’s aides are proving more willing to engage with the committee than previously disclosed.

Tuesday, The New York Times reported that the January 6 committee questioned more than 150 witnesses, “some of whom surprised investigators by proactively contacting the committee to testify, according to two people familiar with the investigation.”

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