The Ferrari BR20 is a unique piece that honors historic coupes


Ferrari sells thousands of cars every year, but only a small handful of buyers are lucky and rich enough to design their own. Called BR20, the Italian firm’s latest one-off is a GTC4Lusso-based tribute to historic V12-engined coupes that stray from retro design cues.

Visually, nothing suggests that it is the only one of its kind supercar It is related to the GTC4Lusso. Its front has been completely redesigned with a reshaped grille and smaller headlights, but the biggest changes are at the rear, where the van-like roofline has been noticeably flattened to give the car a silhouette worthy of the label. fastback. Ferrari notes that the BR20 subtly references some of the coupes built in the 1950s and 1960s, such as the 500 Superfast, in terms of style and philosophy, without adopting an overly heritage-related look.

Numerous parts have been developed specifically for the BR20, including the aforementioned headlights, 20-inch wheels and exhaust tips. It’s a slightly different story on the inside, where the GTC4LussoThe basic layout (including the four round air vents and the large screen on the center console) is instantly recognizable. However, the customer who commissioned the BR20 requested two shades of brown leather upholstery with white and different cross stitching carbon fiber accents. And, to give the roofline more slant, the rear seats had to be removed, but this isn’t a stripped-down racing car – Ferrari couldn’t leave the gap. He mounted a parcel shelf that features oak and leather surfaces.

Mechanical specifications have not yet been published; all we know is that the BR20 is powered by a V12 engine which transmits its power to the four wheels. For the context, the GTC4Lusso (which went out of production in 2020) was equipped with a 6.3-liter V12 tuned to develop 681 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 516 Nm of torque at 5,750 rpm and spinning all four wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Ferrari keeps two other elements hidden: the cost of the project and the identity of the buyer. Time will tell if the owner of the BR20 keeps it hidden in a private collection or proudly displays it at the next auto and coffee event. And, while this is the Prancing Horse’s latest unique piece, it’s certainly not the last. Ferrari has created a department called Special Projects that is tasked with making these cars a reality, and it seems the people who work there keep busy. The first one-offs include the P80 / C. of derivation 488 GT3 Other the 488 GTB based on the SP38.

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