The “Fire and Blood” church combines the Christian faith with a love of heavy metal music


A church in South East England is taking a different approach when it comes to gathering and sharing God’s Word, especially for those who are fans of heavy metal music.

“Fire and Blood” was created when friends Rob Byrne, Roger Kiralfy and George Papachristodoulou decided to incorporate their love for Jesus with their passion for heavy metal, the BBC South East relationships.

“I was exploring metal and the Christian faith and how they can work together,” said Papachristodoulou. “I think God put me in the area to start a metal community based on the Christian faith. Everything that metal culture stands for is very close to the Christian ethos.”

Another element that sets Fire and Blood apart from other churches is that it does not hold worship meetings in a traditional church. The group meets at a nightclub called Tap N Tin in Chatham, Kent on the first Sunday of each month.

And they use the Metal Bible during their services, which is a special edition of the Bible designed for metal music lovers.

Contains the New Testament version of the New Living Translation along with testimonies from popular Christian and secular heavy-metal bands, including Korn’s Brian Welch, Stryper’s Michael Sweet, Tourniquet’s Ted Kirkpatrick and Iron Maiden’s NickoMcBrain.

Church members are also busy challenging false notions that heavy metal music and Christianity are incompatible.

“If you come across music that you believe, for whatever reason, is pulling you away from God, then I would discourage that person from listening to it,” Byrne told the BBC. “But it’s always going to be personal and I can easily find a lot of it in pop music rather than heavy metal in particular, so I think it’s not a genre specific thing.”

Fire and Blood members say they have even received criticism from Christians and non-believers for their different approach.

“We expected to have problems with Christians who judge us,” Papachristodoulou noted. However, he said: “The atheists were the ones who tried to criticize us the most.”

Ultimately, Fire and Blood is just trying to offer a comfortable place where like-minded people can meet and share God’s love.

“This is really my opportunity to talk to people with similar tastes to mine … maybe the same kind of attitudes,” said Kiralfy. “It’s a place where I can be myself.”

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