The former federal prosecutor says Trump’s luck may have run out


Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said the courts appear to have made contact with Trump and have not allowed him to delay.

The courts don’t allow Trump to delay

Video by Glenn Kirschner on MSNBC’s The Cross Connection:

Kirschner he said on MSNBC:

First of all, the judge decided the problem with the speed of light inside weeks. Now, what’s the appeal court got? done? They set this up extremely fast trace, oral argument on the November appeal 30, two weeks down the road. This recalls the Nixon days. In 1974, when the subpoena was released for Nixon tapes, which than in April ’74. Which was challenged in court, challenged the court of appeal, e challenged by the Supreme Court, and four months later, in July of ’74, the Supreme Court affirmed, Mr. President, leave the tapes.

There may be a timely litigation through the courts and the courts are determined to engage in timely litigation. It seems both in the way both Judge Chutkan resolved that the track accelerated the appeal court has placed this dispute, it is it seems that maybe the courts have wise and have finished leaving nefarious litigants like Donald Trump arms court delay run out of watch. Why Donald Trump rarely, if never, has a meritorious lcause to bring. Always try to arm yourself delay. Looks like his luck may have run away out.

Trump has been abusing the justice system with delay tactics for decades

In his pre-presidential decades, Trump was notorious for dragging civil suits to drain the resources of those who sued him.

He continued that practice as president when he tied the Congressional investigation into court, and he’s trying to do the same thing in his post-presidential life.

Trump did not win when he was suspended by the appeals court because what he really wanted was a stay and a meeting for discussions that had been months along the way. Instead, he got a two-week stay. The appeals court ruled on his appeal in December.

The Supreme Court will be his last option.

The 1/6 Committee is likely to get the papers, but it’s clear the courts are done playing with Trump and the 1/6 Committee will get his papers.


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