The FT Lee reporter: Tech reporters need an association


Dave Lee

Financial Times technical reporter Dave Lee writes that tech reporters must form their own organization.

Lee writes: “An association of technical correspondents could solve several key problems. First, it could do something simple: define specifically what the terms “off the record” and “on background” mean to its members, with a nod to how they may be perceived in different markets.

“Secondly, it can ask its members to refuse ‘in the background’ except in very restricted circumstances. Specifically, breaking news situations where a flack has useful information pertaining to an evolving story, but has not had the necessary approvals to share the record information … still. An important principle in this case would perhaps be to treat such moments not as “background” but as “pre-registration” and hit hard on companies that don’t officially follow within a reasonable amount of time.

“Third, it can impart much-needed bargaining power to the tech press as a whole, pushing for groundbreaking principles for events – such as speaking out against companies, like Apple, who believe they can dictate which specific reporter at a point of sale. is authorized to cover a jump. “

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