The future of the great new climate coalitions

Illustration: Annelise Capossela / Axios

Some of the most captivating initiatives to emerge from COP26 come up with big questions about how – and if – they’ll make the journey from promises to reality.

Driving news: COP26 led to the arrival or expansion of coalitions of nations who volunteered around gradually eliminate coal, reduce methane emissions, growth of the electric car, end of deforestation, holding back the financing of fossil fuels abroad and much more.

While many of the largest fossil fuel producers and users are missing from the deals, these ad hoc deals are still significant – Self implemented.

Yes but: They are outside the official Paris Agreement process, which requires formal, though non-binding, country commitments and periodic United Nations reviews of their cumulative effect and shortcomings.

It remains to be seen exactly how some of these coalitions – which include nations but also companies and other actors in some cases – will be monitored and held accountable.

Quick grab: The amount of scaffolding […]


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