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Soccer is a game of passions. The players are passionate, the fans are passionate and the rivalries are passionate. And boy, are there many rivalries in the most popular game in the world. From regional, national and international, in this article we explore the biggest rivalries in soccer.

the manchester derby

What better rivalry to start our list than the Manchester Derby? One of the most well-known rivalries in the world of football, the Manchester Derby refers to the matches played between Manchester United and Manchester City.

Two of England’s most notable and beloved clubs, the two Manchesters have had a long-standing rivalry for decades. And while United are in the lead, recently City have started to catch up. Regardless of who it is run by, there is no doubt that the Manchester Derby attracts hundreds of fans and punters. Online betting sites always make sure to cover the matches between City and United in depth. And while United were usually the favourites, the Citizens’ recent record in the Premier League has put them at the top of the odds on sports betting websites. Often punters also enjoy spinning a few rounds at the slots. This is why most online sportsbooks operate like casinos, as you can see at

Despite City’s recent success, United still lead, with an all-time record of 76 wins to City’s 54.

the classic

In terms of the popularity of a single club, Real Madrid is definitely at the top of the heap. As for fans and supporters, Real Madrid is in the lead. So it comes as no surprise that a rivalry involving the club is one of the most notable in the world.

El Clásico is the name of the matches played between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​two of the best and most respected clubs in Spain. Some might believe that Real Madrid is the leader in this bitter rivalry. However, in terms of statistics, Barcelona is in the lead, with 115 victories compared to 101 for Real Madrid.

However, El Clásico extends beyond the pitch. The fans and supporters of the two clubs seem to really hate each other. So much so that every aspect of the two clubs has been politicized. Hopefully, we can see a future where El Clasico becomes a friendly rivalry, rather than a bitter one.

The eternal derby

The Eternal Derby, or Vechiti Derby, is a fierce rivalry between the two Belgrade-based football clubs in Serbia. Often referred to as the Beograd Derby, the competition sees Red Star compete against Partizan.

The history of the derby dates back to Yugoslavia, when the two clubs were formed. Fans of both clubs would prepare for games between the two clubs, holding large flags or banners mocking the competition. The rivalry arose from these types of events.

Red Star is the undisputed winner of the derby. Out of more than 250 matches, Red Star has won 113, while Partizan has won 81. The two clubs have drawn in 69 matches. The rivalry is strong to this day, and is often marked by fights between fans of the two teams.

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