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Swiss racking companies
advantages for international entrepreneurs

Switzerland is known for its stable economy, favorable tax laws, and political neutrality, making it an attractive destination for international entrepreneurs looking to start a business. One of the most significant advantages that Switzerland offers is the availability of Swiss racking companies. While many entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of Swiss business, such as speed and convenience, the hidden advantages can provide a competitive advantage in the international marketplace.

What is a Swiss shelving company?

A Swiss shelf company is a pre-registered company that has already been incorporated but has no activity or assets. These companies can be purchased off the shelf and used to start a business without going through the lengthy process of registering a new company. This can be particularly attractive for international entrepreneurs who want to establish a presence in Switzerland quickly.

Advantage #1: Established trading track record

One of the hidden advantages of a Swiss shelf company is the established business history that comes with a pre-registered company. Investors and customers may view a company that has been around for several years as more established and trustworthy than a new company that has just been registered. This can be an advantage in competitive markets where trust and credibility are important factors.

Advantage #2: Established Banking Relationships

Another hidden advantage of a Swiss shelf company is the established banking relationships that come with a pre-registered company. Swiss banks are known for their strict due diligence procedures and it can be challenging for international businessmen to establish banking relationships without significant financial history. However, a pre-registered company that has been in existence for several years may have an established banking relationship, making it easier for entrepreneurs to access financial services and credit facilities.

Advantage #3: Privacy and Confidentiality

Switzerland is known for its strict privacy laws and is a popular destination for high net worth individuals and business people seeking a high level of confidentiality. A Swiss dormant company can provide an extra layer of privacy and confidentiality, as ownership of the company can rest with a designated director or shareholder. This can be particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs who want to protect their privacy or maintain confidentiality for strategic reasons.

Advantage #4: Access to the European Market

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but is part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which provides access to the European market without being subject to EU regulations. This can be particularly attractive to international entrepreneurs who want access to the European market but do not want to comply with the strict EU regulations. A Swiss shelf company can provide a convenient way to establish a presence in Switzerland and access the European market.


Swiss shelf companies offer many hidden advantages for international entrepreneurs, including an established business track record, established banking relationships, privacy and confidentiality, and access to the European market. These advantages can provide a competitive edge on the international market and make Switzerland an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business quickly and efficiently. However, entrepreneurs should also be aware of the potential risks and drawbacks of dormant Swiss companies, such as hidden liabilities and negative perceptions, and should carefully review all documents and records before making a decision.

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