The Hipgnosis Songs Fund’s share price reaches an all-time high


The value of others in the music industry, seen a kind of “universal shock” since then

However, the biggest spike in Hipgnosis’s share price during this period was actually driven by the news that the founder of Hipgnosis, pledging at least $ 1 billion in a new private fund that will acquire the copyright of the music.

This move means that there will now be two funds under the Hipgnosis brand operating in the market: the publicly traded Hipgnosis Songs Fund and the Blackstone-backed Hipgnosis Songs Capital.

The copyrights acquired by both of these funds will each be managed by Mercuriadis’ Hipgnosis Song Management, formerly The Family Music Ltd.

Blackstone has Furthermore invested funds in Hipgnosis Song Management to help Mercuriadis increase that company’s global bandwidth, which focuses much of its resources on maximizing returns for songs through sync licensing and digital marketing.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund has to date spent about $ 2 billion on the acquisition of musical rights.

The public fund now has the opportunity to co-invest with the private Hipgnosis fund in the acquisition of further music rights.

Andrew Sutch, president of Hipgnosis Songs Fund, said when the investment in Blackstone was announced last month: “This new partnership will provide new co-investment opportunities for [Hipgnosis Songs Fund], and we expect continued investments in Hipgnosis Song Management will improve returns for our investors. “

Mercuriadis suggested at the moment that Blackstone’s investment in Hipgnosis Song Management would be “[enable] us to create greater value for our stakeholders, including our songwriters and shareholders of the Hipgnosis Songs Fund ”.

MBW is aware that Hipgnosis Song Management will never actually lose the rights management agreement acquired through the Blackstone fund, even if in the future Blackstone will sell some or all of these rights to another party.

Similarly, sources tell us that HSM has the first refusal to acquire all the rights that the public fund – Hipgnosis Songs Fund – decides to sell in the years to come.Music business around the world


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