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Virtually everyone outside of Tedros’s inner circle is worried about Jocelyn. Destiny has done some digging and finds out that Tedros went to prison for kidnapping her ex, holding her hostage for 3 days, and torturing her. She also has a lot of other problems. She explains all of this to Chaime and thinks that they should “kill” Tedros.

lily rose depp
Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn. (HBO)

mike dean he shows up at Jocelyn’s house to work on new music with her. Mike sets up a makeshift studio for Jocelyn at her house. The war between Leia and Tedros continues as he deliberately puts her down every chance he gets. Jocelyn admits to Tedros that she likes “not having to make decisions for myself.”

Destiny shows up at Jocelyn’s house and meets Chloe, who ends up performing for her. Destiny gives her some vocal advice during their time together. She asks Chloe how she knows Tedros. “He saved my life,” she says. Destiny urges Chloe not to let “anything, anyone, or anything get in the way of your gift because it’s pure and beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Dyanne goes to meet with Nikki to discuss her future. Nikki says the label wants Dyanne’s first single to be “World Class Sinner.” This means taking Jocelyn’s song.

jane adams
Jane Adams as Nikki. (HBO)

During a recording session, Destiny requests a minor change to one of Jocelyn’s new songs. Tedros blindfolds Jocelyn and touches her in front of everyone to get her voice out of her. Everyone is uncomfortable, to say the least. Destiny tells Chaime all about this “weird, scary shit.” However, she acknowledges that there are other very talented people among Tedros’s followers. But what Tedros does to get the material, like torture, is too much.

Tedros listens to Xander singing in the shower. Xander says that he tore his vocal cords years ago and that’s why he never had a career of his own. Tedros mentions that Jocelyn’s mom ratted on Xander when he was 13 and it was devastating to him. “You really should use that gift that God gave you,” says Tedros. Xander thinks Tedros should ask. Jocelyn how do you feel about it.

Tedros gathers all his followers and asks Xander to come forward. Jocelyn asks to speak to him. Xander realizes what’s going on and leaves. Tedros believes that Xander has betrayed Jocelyn and wants Jocelyn to acknowledge whether or not Xander is lying.

troye sivan
Troy Sivan as Xander. (HBO)

Xander is brought in by force and claims that Jocelyn told him not to tell anyone that his mother abused her. He also says that her mother made him sign a contract that prevented her from pursuing a singing career. Jocelyn denies both accusations. Xander tells Jocelyn that she is “more disgusting and fucked up and depraved” than her mother. Jocelyn replies that Xander “took everything from her.”

In the middle of this fight, Tedros repeatedly hits Xander using a shock collar. Jocelyn tells Tedros to keep surprising Xander. To stop him, Xander yells that he lied about everything. Later, Izaak cleans up Xander after the crash session. Xander’s shock collar is removed, but he is now part of the group.

Destiny asks Jocelyn what she really knows about Tedros. Jocelyn is well aware that he went to prison, but Tedros has painted a picture of situations where he seems like a victim. The girl is delirious.

Tedros advises Jocelyn to go public with her mother’s abuse. Without hesitation, she reveals it all on Instagram Live. Later that night, Jocelyn launches into a big rant. Leia is trying to make sure Jocelyn’s house doesn’t get destroyed. Tedros humiliates Leia in front of everyone.

Dyanne makes a surprise appearance at the party. Chloe tells Jocelyn that Tedros told Dyanne to take her to the club in the first place. Dyanne has also had feelings for Tedros. Dyanne tells Jocelyn about “World Class Sinner”, and Jocelyn pretends to be happy for her.

Jocelyn’s ex, Rob, shows up at the house. Jocelyn apparently invited him over, probably as payback for the Dyanne and Tedros situation. Tedros tries to drink more than Rob, but embarrasses himself and quickly becomes homophobic. When Jocelyn sees Rob, he jumps into his arms. Tedros is immediately jealous.

pink lily depp
Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd as Jocelyn and Tedros. (HBO)

In Jocelyn’s room, Rob asks her why she didn’t tell him about her mother. Jocelyn avoids the conversation. Tedros goes upstairs and finds Jocelyn’s door locked. He knocks on the door, but has been thrown out.

Rob is confused about what Jocelyn wants from him because she’s the one who said it was “boring being monogamous.” Apparently, she wants to take it back. He brings up his mother again, and Jocelyn emphasizes that she’s in a “very good place.” They have passionate sex in her room while Tedros cries outside on the stairs. The next morning, Rob gets up to leave the house. Xander and Sophie greet him on his way out and ask for a photo. It definitely sounds like they’re setting up scandalous photos to ruin Rob, but we’ll see if Tedros is smart enough to pull it off.

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