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The ‘iPhone 13’ could borrow the always-on screen of the Apple Watch

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The “iPhone 13” could have an always-on display mode similar to the Apple Watch, claims a report, reiterating rumors from early 2021 that users could receive visual alerts without draining the battery.

It is anticipated that Apple will be reading the “iPhone 13” range of smartphones for launch in the fall, along with other products. While previous rumors point to the introduction of the ProMotion 120Hz display, one report claims that the feature will enable another borrowed from the Apple Watch.

In a summary of what to expect from the next generation, the Bloomberg “Switched on” Newsletter by Mark Gurman covers many other rumored additions, including the use of a faster “A15” chip and a smaller notch. Incidentally, the display will apparently have a 120Hz refresh rate and potentially have an “Apple Watch-like always-on mode.”

Introduced in the Apple Watch Series 6, the always-on display allowed the screen to be readable but without wasting power on repeated screen updates. Back in February, a similar feature was rumored to be available on the iPhone.

For iPhone users, this was thought to include keeping the battery and clock icons visible on the screen at all times, even if the screen is locked, with notifications visible when needed with a partially lit screen. With the screen only partially lit to allow icons to be displayed, this would save battery power compared to lighting the entire screen.

ProMotion rumors have been around for a while and were prominent for the iPhone 12 in 2020. For the “iPhone 13”, it is believed that ProMotion could come, but only on Pro models.

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