The Jan.6 committee asks Kayleigh McEnany, 10 other Trump officials


The House Select Committee investigating the Capitol uprising on Jan.6 issued a new series of subpoenas for 10 former senior Trump administration officials, including former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Other notable names from the list include Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior adviser, Christopher Liddell, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and former National Security Advisor to Vice President Pence, Keith Kellogg.

Select committee chairman Democrat Rep Bennie Thompson of Mississippi went on to insist that the panel is simply trying to delve into the facts behind that day.

Thompson said the anti-Trump panel “wants to know every detail of what happened in the White House on January 6 and in the days before. “

“We need to know precisely what role the former president and his collaborators played in efforts to stop the electoral vote count and if they were in contact with anyone outside the White House trying to overturn the election outcome,” he said. added.

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Kayleigh McEnany among new subpoenas

Kayleigh McEnany was targeted by the House Select Committee with the new round of subpoenas based on her public statements relating to the events of January 6.

The committee said McEnany “made more public statements from the White House and elsewhere about alleged fraud in the November 2020 election.”

“For example, in the first White House press conference after the election, Ms. McEnany said there were” very real complaints “of fraud that the former president’s re-election campaign was pursuing and she claimed that the ballot by mail it was something that “we have identified as being particularly prone to fraud,” they add.

It is unclear how any of these claims translates into a direct line to the people violating the Capitol.

The 10 new subpoenas bring the total number issued by the select committee to “at least 35” seconds ABC News.

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Trump returns fire

A federal judge on Tuesday refused former President Donald Trump’s effort to prevent committee investigators from accessing White House documents related to his objections to the 2020 election.

Trump has challenged the decision.

Trump has again slammed into the committee ..

“The Unselect Committee of Politically Ambitious Hackers continues to sue people who want to know those who protested the January 6 uprising that took place during the November 3 presidential election,” he said in a statement.

“There is so much evidence, but the Fake News Media refuses to print or display it in any way, shape or form.”

“Never Trump” Republican Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) went on to hit Trump in a speech Tuesday.

Republican leaders, Cheney said, “have made themselves available hostages to this dangerous and irrational man.”

Cheney said the United States “is facing an internal threat that we have never faced before” in President Trump, who said he is “attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional republic.”

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