As I watched this cartoon showing a teacher standing proudly in front of a blackboard, it got me thinking about the recent Supreme Court rulings on education and how this can really benefit minority and other disadvantaged children.

First, it is crucial that we address the misconception that these efforts are somehow racist. The race card is not the answer here. We must remember that these children are fellow Americans, and as a united nation, we must strive to help them succeed.

Mostly just here about colleges, on affirmative action. If we give all students a good K-12 education, affirmative action won’t be an issue. We can improve our education system much more if we improve minorities and the underserved by giving them full access to the same education as every other student in our country, who can go to any college they want. if we give those underserved kids full access to K-12, with an aggressive voucher system, the rest will take care of itself.

One way to do this is to encourage the private sector and wealthy people to contribute more. Donating even a small portion of your allowed 30% of your income can make a significant difference. Let’s be honest, for them it is a mere drop in the ocean. They also need the PR, actually a lot of them donate but don’t get enough credit because of their fellow millionaires, are they donating to political parties for their own interests or to fit in with the crowd of other millionaires? If you’re rich, can’t you fit in where you want?

I also recommend that you follow your money and get involved enough, or more importantly, to make sure it goes and is used where it was intended. I stopped giving blindly to the askers, picked 3-4 areas of interest and got personally involved. If you can’t donate money, donate your time. If you can donate time in a school? You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn and where you can help. If they let you.

Furthermore, this approach helps reduce government waste and corruption. As individual donors, we will have the power to actively choose where our money goes, making our contributions more impactful. Do you want your money taken from you, by a corrupt and wasteful bureaucracy? I hope you’d rather give your hard-earned money deliberately and legally to an organization that you believe will serve you, your fellow Americans, or others. The Federal Tax Law allows you to donate 30% of your taxable income, in any year. So it will cut your income which will cost you something but look at the feel good benefits of giving money to you and the government where it will work best it won’t be taken away and in most cases it will be wasted .

Personally, I am proud to donate 30% of my taxable income every year that I can to educational and children’s causes. It gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I’m not just talking about making a change, but taking action.

A crucial step to improve education for the less fortunate is to make all schools available to all Americans. However, we must also address the influence of corrupt boards of education and teachers’ unions.

Let me clarify that I have immense respect for teachers who work tirelessly and are often underpaid. The problem lies with the unions, which are losing their power and have resorted to using teachers for their own agendas. that are not in the best interest of our children. They protect bad teachers instead of focusing on higher salaries and improving the quality of education.

To overcome these challenges, we must push for a voucher system that allows disadvantaged students access to better schools. It is time we took control away from school boards, which can be easily swayed by union kickbacks. The ironic part? They even take trips to Florida for conferences, paid for by the unions, and I find that baffling. However, Governor DeSantis seems to love it.

Implementing a national or state-by-state voucher system can revolutionize our education system, for the underserved, faster than anything else we can do. Not only will it improve the quality of education, but it will also demonstrate our commitment to inclusion by providing opportunities for minorities to attend better schools. In this fight, it is essential that the rich people of our country lend their financial and physical support. After all, many politicians are in their debt, as are the unions, and their influence must be questioned.

Personally, I find great joy in redirecting my government money towards causes that really make a difference. Rather than have it taken from me by wasteful and corrupt politicians, I choose to give it to those in need. Call me a passionate and proud 53-year-old Democrat (with conservative leanings), but it’s a “give a little, get a lot” philosophy that resonates with me.

As I say goodbye, please remember that education is a powerful tool that can transform lives. Let’s work together to make it accessible to all children, regardless of their background or circumstances. Together, we can achieve positive change.

With kind regards,

Patrick Lockhart CEO, Publisher and Founder

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