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In terms of fashion, as London is doing, so is the rest of the world. London is ranked right next to Milan and Paris as one of the hottest places in the world. Trendsetters living in the bustling city are always at the forefront of modern fashion, always looking for something new and innovative. These are the people who never need to be careful discounted stylist sales, you are always invited to sit in the front row at London Fashion Week shows and always know what’s hot even before it’s hot. While we don’t all have the means to shop like they do, we can certainly draw inspiration from people wearing London’s hottest fashion trends. We have put together a small list of the best new London trends for you to enjoy. Maybe something will catch your attention!

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It says a lot

A fundamental aspect of any outfit or collection is always the silhouette. While some tailors may prefer elegant, close-up looks, the London fashionistas I’m after the volume at the moment. All that balloons is a big S. We don’t suggest you purposely hide your gorgeous body, but rather accent it with layers and volume to create an interesting silhouette instead of the same old thing we see on the street every day.

We know this look won’t be for everyone, but it’s very trendy. The trend brings runway looks into real life: like walking in art to wear instead of just “clothes”. This year’s London Fashion Week showcased many bulky pieces and insiders see these extravagant shapes as “a metaphor for London’s desire to reclaim its hedonistic streak.”

Think huge skirts, pleated pleats to include more of that delightful volume, oversized shirts and jackets, as well as the oversized blazers we’ve seen in the last year. Layer for extra dimension and play with textures to add interest to your look.

The fight

The power clash has been in fashion for a long time, but with the recent shift to minimal, 90s-style outfits, it has faded into the background. Well, London thinks it’s time for the power struggle to return to its proper place in the spotlight. After the last few years, it seems that fashion lovers want to wear clothes that represent on the outside who they really are on the inside. Two full years of sweatpants and moo moos is enough to drive anyone crazy or to bring it to expression through fashion. The key to this trend is not only the contrasting aspect, but also the tactile aspect of the multiple fabrics and the “handmade” look that many of the garments have on them. Use this trend to really make a statement about who you are when you’re not online, who you are when you’re alone.

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To go boldly …

Another departure from the trends of recent years is the return to bright and bold color. The color block is back, it’s back, it’s back and it means to stay. There is also an element of contrast to this trend, as the super-styled have been spotted wearing not only bold colors that “stick together” but also some different bright and bold colors in one outfit.

This trend isn’t just for the body. But also for the feet. With very ’80s and’ 90s materials like patent leather, leather, and plastic (think jelly shoes) seriously making a comeback, you can be bold from head to toe.

Layering can take a look at new places. Try something tight and cropped in a darker shade on a boxy tee with bright colors, size and depth. Accessorize with the right sunglasses, shoes and bag and that’s it.

Bralette barely present

The bralettes are not new, but those of this year London Fashion Week I’ve seen several designers give them a makeover with a significant effect. While a bralette is traditionally considered an undergarment and is technically there to support and cover your pieces while enhancing the look of the outer garments, it’s time for the bralette to step out of the shadows.

Bralettas are a staple for stylish people, now making their appearance as shirts and outerwear, even layered over a tee or under a blazer. Most designers currently show darker fabrics, which perfectly complement some of the other trends on our list. Fashion stars wear microscopic bralettes under fluttering oversized shirts and V-neck t-shirts, covering the bare minimum and looking fabulous while doing so.

A bralette has a sense of ease and comfort that no underwire bra has ever had – trust us, we know that. While they may not be practical as the only method of support for every woman, they can be overlaid to get that “What, this old thing?” watch your next appointment or Zoom party.


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