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The launch of Windows 11: Microsoft’s most unsuccessful announcement

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When Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, it often turns on the overdone machine and lets it rip. Think of Windows 95, when Microsoft paid the Rolling Stones $ 3 million to use “Start Me Up!” As the main theme of the operating system, it placed a 300-foot Windows banner atop Toronto’s CN Tower and illuminated the Empire State Building in red, yellow and green, the company’s colors.

Total marketing launch price: $ 300 million, according to the Washington Post. (That’s over $ 500 million in today’s dollars, taking inflation into account.)

Recent launches have been more sedate. But even when Microsoft speaks in a lower voice, it generally still has a good understanding of the basic facts about its new operating system and clearly describes what it thinks are the benefits of moving to it.

At least, until Windows 11 came, of course. Microsoft’s big reveal for the new operating system on June 24 wasn’t that big and revealed very little. And what it did reveal was often completely wrong or misleading. It may well have been the most failed product announcement in Microsoft’s long history.

Let’s start with the very basics of the basics – what kind of hardware do you need to run the operating system. If the company could do something right, I would expect it to start with that.

But no, that’s not what happened.

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