The liberal effort to have Judge Rittenhouse removed has a hilarious twist – RedState


Many liberals are freaking out over the Rittenhouse trial.

A list of merchandise about Kyle Rittenhouse and his guilt was sold by the media. Now that everything has been blown up, many refuse to hand over the truth. They refuse to accept that he acted in self-defense.

Instead, they believe the case is up for debate now, not because Rittenhouse is innocent, but because Judge Bruce Schroeder is somehow biased. This is the lie that the media sells. That lie was further thrown on Wednesday after the judge got the the ringer on your phone goes off and presumably it was Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. Since this is a Trump rally song, they inferred that the judge must therefore be biased. And they were immediately off to the conspiracy races.

Then Thursday got even crazier when the judge made a joke on the hope that the food order for the court was not delayed by the supply chain crisis.

Then CNN somehow turned this into something extraordinary and racist.

Oh no! The judge joked about the supply chain crisis! And they all accelerated!

Yet even that was a lie. Julio Rosas from the city hall dispelled this lie.

But seriously how twisted do you have to be – and misinformed about the supply chain crisis – to get a ride on a joke that wasn’t racist at all? Again, it’s not about reality, it’s just about fueling outrage against the perceived enemy – in this case, a teenager who defended himself.

However, deluded liberals have now joined the insane in an effort to remove Judge Schroeder from the case. they have launched a petition to have the judge removed.

Here is a part:

Judge Bruce Schroeder has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is unable to make fair judgments on this case. His continued insistence that Rittenhouse be allowed to walk freely demonstrates that he does not value the safety of the public. His decisions in this matter have shown unequivocally that it must be removed. If he cannot take something as serious as hate crimes that result in murder seriously, how can we expect him to make fair judgments in any other trial?

This petition, after receiving a sufficient number of signatures, will be sent to the Illinois State House. We will demand that they remove Judge Bruce Schroeder from his seat in the interests of the safety not only of the people of Illinois, but of all Americans.

But did you catch the little problem here with their petition? Hilariously, he was headed to the “Illinois State House” despite the judge and trial being in Wisconsin. So good luck with that, guys! Also, that’s not how things are done anyway, even if you have the right state. Judges are not removed due to raving crowds. At least not yet, in this society.

More than 7,000 people have signed the petition at this point, showing how many people you can have on board something that isn’t real. But it makes sense: they are the same people who have no real idea of ​​the facts of the case, to begin with.


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