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Yesterday I reiterated the issues raised by Andrew Luger’s August 2016 letter to Ilhan Omar’s lawyer. Luger saved Omar’s career when he sent the letter in violation of the Department of Justice policy and what I believe to be the essence of the facts. Now that President Biden has appointed him to serve a second tour as United Stats Attorney for Minnesota, perhaps he can answer a few questions about it. So far he has refused to do so.

I did not understand the crucial role played by Luger’s letter until I read the Minnesota Board of Directors’ Finance file on Omar’s 2016 State Legislative Campaign. The file was released in June 2019 at the conclusion of the campaign. investigation by the board of directors, which found Omar responsible for several violations of the law on the financing of the state election campaign. She just doesn’t think the law applies to her, and she’s been proven right many times over.

The council investigation coincidentally revealed that Omar had filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015 with a man she was not married to while legally married to another man. Pulling up just a few threads of the story reveals the fraud we have been pursuing since 2016. This is where the financial illegality of Omar’s campaign began as he tried to take care of the coverage of his curious case. Omar incurred the expenses of redoing the 2014 and 2015 tax returns with funds from the campaign. Why not?

Carla Kjellberg was a key witness in the campaign funding investigation. I have posted the transcript of his deposition below via Scribd. I have also published the deposition exhibits here on Sribd. Kjellberg is an Omar attorney and advocate who served on Omar’s 2016 Crisis Committee. Reading the deposition, it can be seen that Kjellberg had a “you’re kidding me” moment regarding tax returns. His testimony is shrouded in vague, but the image is nevertheless brought into focus.

The tax returns, Kjellberg explained, were certainly linked to the campaign’s PR crisis (pages 21-22). What was that? He testified that the tax returns “would have discovered something incidental to the accusation that his current marriage.” [to Ahmed Hirsi, husband number 1], was not legal, or not – whichever word I want – not recognized by the state or federal government, and that she was still married to someone else [i.e., Ahmed Elmi, husband number 2]”(Page 23). Also, “This … this was correcting something that could have been harmful to Mrs. Omar.”

Here Kjellberg described “the threat” dealt with by the crisis committee (page 30):

The threat is that a blog is right [i.e., Power Line] begins a false narrative based on racial assumptions that could influence Ilhan’s election and Ilhan’s position [Ed.: This is a complete and utter crock]. Legitimate media then run with that right-wing blog and gain legitimacy.

That legitimacy dropped dramatically once [United States Attorney] Andy Luger said it’s fake [by letter dated August 22, 2016]. The danger of something being said again in the right blog with anything is still there. I mean, it’s still there today.

So when I previously testified that it was over when Andy Luger made the statement, what I meant was that the feeling that the world is falling apart, we need to do something immediately, had significantly diminished.

Andy Luger’s letter dated August 22, 2016, as it turned out, was the crisis committee’s ace in the hole. Refuting an allegation we never made – that Omar’s immigrant status was under investigation – Omar’s crisis team hushed up the story of her fake marriage to husband number 2, thus proving worth in its own way. some friends at the top of the police.

65_Carla Kjellberg Deposit from on Scribd


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