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The MAGA Agenda, Denounced by Democrats, Makes Sense for Many Americans

Democrats love to criticize the so-called MAGA agenda, but the term stands for a list of specific policy initiatives adopted by Republican voters that the party believes will usher in a Republican takeover of Congress and eventually the White House.

Republicans, poised to take over the House in November, released an agenda Friday that was backed by Trump allies and nearly screamed MAGA, even though GOP leaders didn’t mention the former president by name.

Increasing border security, beefing up home energy production, reducing crime by hiring more police, and supporting parental rights in schools topped the list of a populist agenda. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican and Trump ally, announced in a government plan called Commitment to America.

“The American people are tired of seeing their wages shrink under the crushing weight of inflation, frustrated by lawlessness, an open border and rising crime, and fed up with a government that is unaccountable,” McCarthy told The Associated Press. Washington Times. “The Pledge to America will once again restore a government of, by, and for the people.”

The House GOP’s priorities align with the MAGA agenda that Mr. Trump is promoting more broadly at rallies nationwide as he ponders a 2024 White House bid. It also addresses major voter concerns. who have been steadily deserting President Biden amid high inflation and gas prices, as well as rising crime and record levels of illegal immigration.

“It’s very much in line with what people think,” said Derrick Morgan, executive vice president of the conservative Heritage Foundation. “A good dose of populism is not bad.”

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Voters consistently cite inflation as the nation’s top issue heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

In a Gallup poll this month, 56% of Americans said rising prices are causing “financial hardship” in their households, up from 49% in January.

Republicans and many economists blame the near-historic inflation on massive public spending, much of it under the control of Congress by President Biden and the Democrats. Mr. McCarthy promised that the GOP’s agenda “will curb government waste that is driving up the price of food, gasoline, cars, and housing, and increasing our national debt.”

Eight in 10 Americans are also concerned about crime, Gallup found in an April poll, while an ABC News/Ipsos poll last month found that Republicans outnumbered Democrats by about 10 points on immigration, crime and economy.

The House GOP proposal won the backing of the America First Policy Institute, a Trump-allied think tank that was first formed to develop Trump’s second-term agenda, which never came to fruition, and features many former officials. of the Trump administration.

AFPI President Brooke Rollins, a former head of Trump’s domestic policy council, called the House Republican agenda “America First Agenda.” She said it addressed “issues that hurt working people.”

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The term MAGA evolved from Mr. Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, which was central to his 2016 campaign and arguably played a significant role in securing his victory over Hillary Clinton.

“Trump expressed a vision that the United States liked, that the United States wanted,” said the president of the Job Creators Network, Alfredo Ortiz, about the MAGA slogan, who last week described a small business recovery plan aligned with the Republican proposal. of the camera. “In some cases, some of the policies didn’t necessarily materialize at the beginning. What McCarthy did was finally set a vision for the Republican Party.”

The term has been bastardized by Democrats and, in particular, by Mr. Biden, who in a recent speech delivered outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall called out MAGA 13 times, describing it as dark and dangerous to the nation and “ an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

On Friday, Biden denounced the House Republican blueprint, warning that “MAGA Republicans control the GOP right now.”

House and Senate Democrats criticized the House GOP launch as dangerously MAGA.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said the agenda was “extremist” and “out of step with the priorities of Americans.” She represented, she said, “House Republicans’ unconditional commitment to MAGA.”

The Democratic National Committee said the Republican agenda would “ban abortion nationwide” and “cut Social Security and Medicare.”

The Republican House plan also does not propose, but Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida had called for the annual suspension of rights, while Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has separately proposed a federal ban on abortions after 15 weeks pregnant.

Mr. Trump, in an interview on Fox News, said MAGA’s agenda encompasses the “common sense” policies of strong borders, a strong military, energy independence and low taxes.

The former president seemed genuinely puzzled by the polarization of the term, asking Fox host Sean Hannity, “How do you attack Make America Great Again?”


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