The new Montblanc pens pay homage to Enzo Ferrari


Montblanc, manufacturers of very good and very expensive pens, have released two new writing instruments in their Great Characters series: Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898 and Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 98. Montblanc pays homage to the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, the Italian driver, entrepreneur and founder of Scuderia Ferrari and the Ferrari car manufacturer.

Usually, I’m not one for product ties like yours; Cheetos in a Jeff Gordon themed bag, official Porsche polish, Aston Martin sunglasses, that sort of thing. In a way, however, Montblanc making an Enzo Ferrari pen makes sense. After all, before getting serious about joking with cars, Enzo worked as an automotive journalist, so it’s not all that obvious.

Limited edition 1898

First off, we have the Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898. Limited to just 1,898 units to celebrate Ferrari’s birth year, it features a metal-made hood and barrel to remember the original Ferrari 125 S engine.

Two dates are engraved on the cone; one refers to the production date of his first car at his factory in Maranello. The second is the date of the first ever competitive victory for a Ferrari car. The ring on the top of the cap is stamped with the address of the Ferrari factory, where his vision became a reality.

The Montblanc emblem, reminiscent of the Alpine mountain from which the company takes its name, sits in its traditional place above both the fountain pen and roller pen (your choice, but opt ​​for the roller). The Montblanc emblem is rendered in frosted quartz to resemble the icy windows on which Enzo Ferrari practiced his signature as a boy. The rhodium-plated Au750 solid gold nib is embellished with a Ferrari 250 GTO steering wheel and the words “Commendatore”.

Limited Edition 98

The Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 98 is limited to just 98 pieces. This number is designed in homage to the Prancing Horse; the Prancing Horse given as a personal emblem to the founder of the Ferrari legend 98 years ago. The hood and body of the Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 98 are hand-lacquered in “Rosso Corsa”.

The cap is decorated with the number 29, referring to the founding year of the Scuderia Ferrari, as well as with an engraving of the Cavallino with the inscription “I am who dreamed of being Enzo Ferrari” (I am someone who dreams of being Enzo Ferrari). The same yellow gold emblem adorns a special mechanism that offers a glimpse into the barrel, where the Prancing Horse is revealed when the cone is turned to fill the fountain pen with ink.

Two dates are engraved on the cone: 07/14/1951 and 09/11/1988. These refer to the first victory in F1 and the double at the Italian Grand Prix one month after the death of Enzo Ferrari. A rotatable matte white gold slider on the barrel reveals the dates of five other historic Ferrari victories. The Limited Edition 98 is also decorated with Enzo Ferrari’s motto, “You can’t describe passion, you can only live it.”

The base of the clip is lacquered in Rosso Corsa and around it are six lines on each side, representing a Ferrari V12 engine. Four air intakes on each side of the hood are inspired by the 1952 Ferrari 500 F2, winner of the first F1 championship for Scuderia Ferrari. The barrel is decorated with a metal part forged in solid Au750 gold with ruthenium coating that represents the engine of the 500 F2.


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