The New York Times columnist now wants to erase culture to go after classic rock songs


A few years ago, when the left started hunting down historic statues, they claimed they were just Confederate statues. It was a lie.

It was never just Confederate statues. It was about anything the awake left disliked.

In New York City, the left has just removed a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Now the left wants to go after the rock classics.

Breitbart news relationships:

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The New York Times thought police ask: Should classic rock songs be turned upside down like Confederate statues?

Hide your classic rock LPs. The New York Times thought police are coming for them.

The opinion section of the New York Times ran a column arguing that classic rock songs like Don McLean’s “American Pie” are reconsidered and perhaps even “overthrown” like historic Confederate statues, arguing that re-evaluating beloved songs will help create a world that is “inclusive”. and fairer. “

Other rock singers ready for cancellation include Eric Clapton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and even Elvis Presley.

Jennifer Finney Boylan, who is a male-to-female transgender, exposed the case in the editorial titled “Should Classic Rock Songs Be Toppled Like Confederate Statues?”

“While we take another look at the sins of our historical characters, we also had to take a hard look at our most immediate past and present, including the behavior of the creators of pop culture,” Boylan wrote. “This revaluation now extends to the people who wrote some of our most loved songs.”

Average Americans must respond to a suggestion like this with a loud, resounding “no”.

It’s about control. Plain and simple. Don’t let him have it.

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