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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston

For the first time in 12 years, Denver today has a new mayor.

mike johnston was sworn in today to become the 46th mayor of the city of Denver, formally ending the 12-year term of michael hancock. As joe rubino reports for the denver mail:

In his keynote address, Johnston began by reviewing the painful scenarios that have played out in the city in recent years, whether it’s watching elderly loved ones lose their lives to COVID-19 or watching others slip into a life of addiction and lack of care. living place.

But Johnston stressed that the city can overcome challenges with him leading the way.

“Our Denver dream is that when you land at your lowest point, with no job or a place to stay shackled by addiction or battling mental illness, we won’t judge you or abandon you. We won’t give up on you. We’ll get you a home. We will help you. We’ll fix you,” Johnston said.

Denver’s new dream was the subject of Johnston’s speech. It’s a refrain he expanded to include making the city affordable and supportive for the working class, making it a safe place for children to play in every neighborhood, and a city where a downtown that struggles with the shifting tides of modern work reinvents itself as a center of commerce, culture and art.

“Today, we are dedicated to two essential American ideas: that every problem we face can be solved, and we are the ones who will solve it,” Johnston said.

(Now) Former Mayor Michael Hancock delivered his farewell speech last week.

In a separate story for the denver mailblonde and jon murray check out Hancock’s legacy:

When one person holds power for three terms, spanning 12 years, their legacy and impact on a city takes many forms, some more visible than others. The Hancock chapter of Denver’s history weaves together an explosion in the city’s national prominence and population, along with expanding gentrification, displacement and homelessness on the streets. It features personal mistakes, bold initiatives, some of which were wildly successful while others failed, and the city’s response to a world-changing public health crisis beyond the control of any mayor…

…With the pandemic and several years of turmoil still fresh in residents’ minds, judging Hancock’s success is a tricky question…

…You can take the benefit of time and distance to digest and weigh the full impact of Hancock’s time in office after the bitterness of the past four years has faded.

Beginning at 5:00 pm, the public is invited to attend kick-off festivities called the Denver Vibes Festival near Union Station in downtown Denver.

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